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Cat Breeds

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Cat Breeds

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  1. Cat Breeds

  2. Long, slender necks, legs and tails Larger than average ears Slender with muscles Wedge- shaped faces Almond- shaped eyes accentuated with black lines around it Short and dense fur Colors: Ruddy, Red, Blue and Fawn Abyssinian

  3. Gentle expressions. Solid Colors: black, blue, red, cream, white solid Weigh up to 15 pounds Medium- Big Size Slim and athletic Medium length tail. Broad base. Big head with prominent cheekbones Round and wide eyes American Shorthair

  4. Triangular face Tubular body Intelligent Coat length- 1-2 inches Contrast between points (feet and ears) and body. Ususally points are darker Balinese

  5. Small Muscular Sleek, black cat Round head Short muzzle Wide round eyes Medium round ears Bombay

  6. Full broad chest Short strong legs Round paws Tail: thick base and rounded tip Round head Wide between ears Round wide eyes Short, dense fur that is like carpet “Built-in-smile” causes by round whisker pads Think of the cat in Alice in Wonderland British Shorthair

  7. Pointed (ears and feet a different color) but they are hard to see because the colors are very close. Round head with a “sweet” expression Medium, compact size Burmese

  8. Muscular Medium to large size Widely spaced ears Long hair in any color Tail- either no tail or a short stub Cymric

  9. Silver-blue colored cat Green or amber colored eyes Heart-shaped head Large ears with round tips Korat

  10. Glossy heavy coat that is water resistant Longer hair on neck, stomach and rear to protect against snow Long bushy tail Heavily furred ears Furry feet Large eyes and ears Long square muzzle Main Coon Cat

  11. Muscular Medium to large size Widely spaced ears Short hair in any color Tail- either no tail or a short stub Manx

  12. Long, soft hair Strong, cobbly build Large expressive eyes Chubby cheeks High-nose with smushy face Low round ears Wide round head Persian

  13. Green eyes Solid blue hair with tips of silver Double coat Mauve (light) foot pads Russian Blue

  14. Folded down ears Well rounded head Wide open eyes Medium sized body Five toes in front Four toes in back Long tail Medium- short hair length Scottish Fold

  15. Creamy coat with distinctive dark points (ears and paws) Blue eyes Short smooth hair Lean body Siamese

  16. Short hair Medium size Distinctive dark spots Distinctive bands around legs Egyptian Mau

  17. Short smooth coat Wide-oval eyes usually green Large ears with round tips Brown hair Havana Brown

  18. Medium to small size Pom-pom tail Any color and any hair length Japanese Bobtail

  19. Large pointy ears Long furry coat Tufts between paws Medium size Masked face Almond eyes Somali

  20. Wedge-shaped head Muscular body Slanted eyes Long tail Tokinese

  21. Long coat Fine bone structure Most are white Pointed and large ears Almond eyes Massive head Plumed tail Turkish Angora