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Cat Breeds PowerPoint Presentation

Cat Breeds

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Cat Breeds

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  1. Cat Breeds ACT - Cat Breeds

  2. Persian • Longhaired Breed • The most popular breed of cat in American since 1871 • Generally placid and gentle • Good mothering ability • Coat must be brushed daily. Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  3. Exotic shorthaired • Shorthaired Breed • Solidly built and rounded. • They resemble a Persian but the fur is short fur and easier to care for • Quite, gentle, and placid • Correct nutrition need to keep coat shining Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  4. American Shorthaired • Shorthaired Breed • Intelligent and good natured getting along with even dogs • Many colors, with the most striking and best-known color being the silver tabby • Thick coat but easily kept • Eyes and ears are easily cleaned Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  5. British Shorthair • Shorthaired Breed • Sweet, gentle nature with a quite undemanding voice • Calm, intelligent, readily responds to affection • Coat quite dense requiring regular grooming • Range in colors but solid colors were preferred in the early days • Blue-gray was the most highly prized Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  6. Scottish Fold • Shorthaired Breed • Ears fold forward and downward • Loves humans and other pets • Short, dense coat requires minimum brushing • Excellent mothers and kittens are quite precocious • Fur color comes in a variety of patterns • Cleaning inside the ear folds is necessary Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  7. birman • Semi Longhaired Breed • Looks and acts like a Siamese, but comes in many colors • Fur silkier but less dense than the Persian • Matures early and make excellent caring mothers • Inquisitive but with an aloof appearance Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  8. rAgdoll • Semi Longhaired Breed • Bred in America and is affectionate, loving, and relaxed • Loves to play and be petted • Thick coat does not form mats and is quite easy to groom Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  9. Maine Coon • Semi Longhaired Breed • One of the largest domestic breeds • Very playful and amusing • Long and flowing coat but rarely mats • Slow to mature Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  10. ABYSSISIAN • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Myths claim that the cat is descended from cats worshipped by the ancient Egyptians • Quite, gentle, shy, and reserved • Minimum grooming needs • Large ears must be kept clean Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  11. burmese • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Highly intelligent, active, and stronge-willed • Rounded head and solid build • Short, glossy soft coat requires little care • Love to play and prefer their owners’ stay at home Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  12. Tonkinese • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Hybrid of the Burmese and Siamese breeds • Friendly, affectionate, and a strong sense of mischief • Good with other cats, dogs, and children • Requires very little grooming but the removal of dead hair and buffing imparts a healthy sheen Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  13. Bengal • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Fur texture is unique and feels like satin or silk with a glittering appearance • Cooing or chirruping call is quite different from the ordinary domestic cat • Self-assured and confident • Affectionate disposition and loving temperament • Well balanced diet and regular brushing needed ACT - Cat Breeds

  14. Devon Rex • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Demanding and craves human attention • Easily groomed with hand stroking and occasional combing • Sparse areas on the body indicates the cat needs extra warmth • Large ears need regular cleaning • Fur is somewhat wavy and the cat appears to have a quizzical expression Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  15. Russian Blue • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Delightful temperament, quite-voiced, and very affectionate • Does not like to be left alone and needs human or pet company • Short, thick double fur needing regular combing • Ears need constant cleaning Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  16. Sphynx Cat • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Rare and unique breed that never needs brushing • Fine covering of hair on the ears, muzzle, feet, tail, and scrotum • People-orientated but not fond of other cats • Does not like being held or strongly petted • Often stands with one foreleg raised and resist lying with its body touching the ground Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  17. Egyptian Mau • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Bred in the U.S. • Only natural spotted breed of domestic cat • Shy and attaches its affections to only 1 or 2 people • Regular combing to remove dead hair • Active and may be taught one or two tricks ACT - Cat Breeds

  18. Bombay • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Coat color is black only • Even temperament and generally strong and healthy • Calm, intelligent, readily responds to affection • Coat is easily groomed with regular mitt buffing Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  19. Siamese • Oriental Breed • Can be vocal to get attention and express their many moods. • Lively and intelligent • Short coat is easy to keep • Large ears need regular cleaning • The don’t like being left alone and do better in pairs or groups Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  20. oriental • Oriental Breed • Intelligent and very affectionate • Active and playful and hates being alone • Naturally very clean cats • Short, fine coats needing daily hand grooming • Plenty of toys and a scratching post needed Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  21. ocicat • Foreign Shorthaired Breed • Loving, gentle, inquisitive and playful • The hair is banded except at the tip of the tail • Within the markings each hair is tipped with darker color • Coat is easily groomed by gentle brushing - combing on a regular basis Photo from: ACT - Cat Breeds

  22. Cat Breed info. Resources for this presentation included the following: • The American Association of Cat Enthusiasts • Kitten Pic – • The Illustrated Encyclopedia for Cat Breeds by Angela Rixon Feel free to add additional breeds to adapt this presentation to your location. There are several web sites available that gives particular breed descriptions as well as providing additional and helpful information. ACT - Cat Breeds

  23. Phone: Toll Free (800) 357-3182 or (940) 380-8858 Address:2701 Hartlee Field Road, Denton, TX 76208Fax:(940) 381-1847 ACT - Cat Breeds