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vii. Međunarodna Jedriličarska regata Perast 2009. Goals. Promotion of sailing as a healthy style of life that foster development of fair and honest sport community in Montenegro Gathering international experience of judging sailing races.

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  1. vii Međunarodna Jedriličarska regata Perast 2009

  2. Goals • Promotion of sailing as a healthy style of life that foster development of fair and honest sport community in Montenegro • Gathering international experience of judging sailing races. • Learning of entrepreneurship via mutual event organization and consolidation of efforts of different small and medium enterprise entities. • Development of safe relations between all sailing nations of the Adriatic Sea • Overall development of the Montenegrin sailing activity and industry

  3. Values Traditions Honor Teamwork Cleanenvironment

  4. Preliminary program Schedule • Tuesday July 21st: Porto Montenegro/Fasinada • 1st race: Perast – Tivat – Perast - Tivat ~12 nm • Cocktail party/concert in Porto Montenegro • Wednesday July 22th: • 2nd race: Tivat - Perast – channel- Islands ~9nm. • Awards and party for all participants in Perast Participants: Different classes of racing and cruising yachts from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy

  5. Fašinada Regatta Route Day 1 – 21.07.2009

  6. Fašinada Regatta Route Day 2 – 22.07.2009

  7. Organization • Regatta is steered by Steering Committee, the Lahor Yacht Club • Judge team: one major Judge, 3 local judges in three countries and protest committee, following regatta. • Supplementary maintenance: Powerboat for judges, media, vip, photo and video team. • Public relation agency: public relations. • Free of charge Harbors for participants.

  8. Awards Includes awards with “Fasinada” or/ sponsor logos and is given to: • Overall winners of the races • Winners of each class • Overall Line-honors, settled by absolute time

  9. The social project of “Fasinada” Expanding the development of sailing in Montenegro includes a social function. This function is realized as a regatta rule: Each team is allowed to have youngster on board. The young sailors could be selected from the most promising dinghy sailors in national yacht clubs. Educational purpose: give the possibility for young people to increase their sailing experience while participating in an international regatta

  10. Success keys of “Fasinada” • Exceptional scenery of the Kotor Bay • Lots of watch points all along the regatta for a larger audience • 6 years of experience for the Lahor Yacht Club in organizing Fasinada • Meeting point for all sailors from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro • Simply the most important regatta in Montenegro

  11. Why to sponsor a regatta? Make your communication means evolve: Outdoor advertising is commonly associated with billboards: the reality is that outdoor media covers a broad range of advertising opportunities with varied reach and selectivity. • Get your message across uninterrupted space • Strong BRANDING associated with an unique environment • EYE CATCHING attention • Show your POSITIONING on the market: make yourself special • Be AHEAD of the local competition who are still advertizing in classical ways (billboards, magazines,…)

  12. Why to sponsor a regatta? • Guaranteed visibility and impact • High reach and frequency • Message dominance • High recall due to your visibility • Stand out from the clutter • It can’t be switched off or turned out: if your customers are watching the regatta, they have to see you

  13. Promotion valuable items • The development of the sailing community on the Adriatic area • Regatta coverage and feedback • Clean environment (“Blue flag” program) • Social involvement

  14. How do we promote fasinada? • Organization of advertising before, after and during the regatta • National Press, TV, Radio, internet in Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia • Preparation of press releases • Preparation of photo materials for the media • Interviews with “Fasinada” participants, winners, supporters and partners. • Journalists, photographers and a film crew will participate all along the regatta.

  15. We make it work for sponsors • When organizing “Fasinada” advertising campaign we keep informing the media about the upcoming activities early on through press releases, photos and the announcement of participation of most awarded teams. • We maintain the press activity by periodical information regarding organizational steps of the Regatta. • A few weeks before the regatta opening day a press conference will be held, where more than 20 Medias will be invited. The news should bedifferentiated into three streams: • a) life-style; • b) hot news service; • c) sport news.

  16. Outbound communicationchannels: • National TV of Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia; • Extensive PR activities on the level of national channels and local channels of municipalities of involved cities; Inbound communicationchannels: All race legs will be filmed and demonstratedin between the races. The finalversion ofcollected video information will bedemonstrated as a film on TV

  17. Sponsorship pricelist (1/2)

  18. Sponsorship pricelist (2/2)

  19. Sponsor Packages Platinum Sponsor 15 000€ (real value: 19 000€) Posters/brochures Flags in marina Magazine ad Radio ad Key speeches Clothing Sticker on hulls Sponsor board Category flags Press conference Gold Sponsor 8 000€ (real value: 10 000€) Posters/brochures Flags in marina Magazine ad Radio ad Clothing Sticker on hulls Sponsor board Silver Sponsor 4 000€ (real value: 5 000€) Posters/brochures Flags in marina Magazine ad Radio ad Sticker on hulls Bronze Sponsor 1 000€ (real value: 1 500€) Posters/brochures Flags in marina Magazine ad

  20. Contacts Public relations Marjan Dimitrijevic Mob. +382 69 927 411 Email: marjan@fasinada.com Director Mirko Franovic Mob. +382 69 046 545 Email: mirko@fasinada.com

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