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Venetian masks

Venetian masks

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Venetian masks

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  1. Venetian masks By Ommar, Tariq, and Ibrahim 8D

  2. What is it? • Type of art : Masks • Culture: Venetian • Location :Venice, Italy

  3. The first use of masks • The masks were first used in the celebration of the triumph of Doge Vitale Michieli over Ulrich II of Traven in 1162 . It was a way to celebrate by wearing fancy and colorful masks.

  4. Uses of the Mask • The masks got popular when more tourists started visiting Venice, and it was like a fashion to wear these masks. • The masks were also a type of disguise for famous people so that they could do crimes and people wouldn't even know who they were. • Rich and noble people would also use these masks to be in the street and talk to people, and the people wouldn't even know who they are talking to.

  5. Why is it unique? • The masks are unique because they have very different shapes, they do not look like ordinary masks, some have very special colors too.

  6. Environment of the culture • The traditional Venetian masks were made of paper Mache, and they were sometimes also made with boiled water with flour which cooled down it hardens. So it is quite obvious that the Venetians had a good quantity of paper Mache. Also, the most modern ones are made of porcelain and plastic.

  7. Significance of The Venetian masks • There is no religious significance of the masks, but the venetians masks are known to represent Venice and their country, Italy.

  8. These are 3 kinds of venetian masks

  9. History of Venetian masks Thereare records of Venetian masks being worn in the city of Venice dating back to Medieval times. Masks were worn in the small city of Venice to disguise the wearer from any number of illicit activities: gambling, dancing, clandestine or affairs .

  10. Today Today, Venetian masks are still synonymous with Venice, and Carnival, though their range has extended. Master craftsmen in Italy still make the masks, which are truly an art form

  11. Making venetian masks First, the artist will create a clay mold in the shape of a face. Then papier-mache, thin strips of paper and glue, are placed over the mold and allowed to dry before the mask can be decorated lavishly with paint, glitter, feathers, fur, jewels, lace and leather.

  12. Types There are many types of Venetian mask, but the most common are the "bauta," a full face mask, and the "columbino," a half mask used to cover the eyes, which is held up with a stick attached to the side of the mask.

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