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7 Questions Candidates should ask during HR Interview PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Questions Candidates should ask during HR Interview

7 Questions Candidates should ask during HR Interview

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7 Questions Candidates should ask during HR Interview

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  2. HR interview is taken as the make or break round for any candidate, once through with technical round(s). Not only it helps HRs to analyze whether a candidate is best fit for the organization, it also helps candidates to understand whether this job is going to be their dream job or not. Candidates generally ends the HR Interview without exploring more about the company or the job role. Here are the seven questions, candidates should ask HRs, during HR interview round.

  3. 01 HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE COMPANY CULTURE? HR Professionals know better about the company than any one else. Ask about work time flexibility, office dress code, the type of atmosphere at workplace, cafeteria culture etc.

  4. 02 WILL THERE BE ANY FORM OF TRAINING PROVIDED? Ask if company provides any professional training before joining. Or candidates will be put on a sailing boat in a thunderstorm without oars.

  5. 03 CHALLENGES / FUTURE PLANS OF THE BUSINESS FUNCTION? Understand why there is a need of hiring in your ‘to-join-in-future-department’. Ask if company is looking for any strategic tie-ups or future plans for this business function.

  6. 04 PARAMETERS COMPANY USES FOR EVALUATION? Parameters of employee evaluation varies across companies, among new joinees. Understand the mathematics of present company from the HR, who might also evaluate your performance in future.

  7. 05 OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION? Does company provides enough opportunities for professional growth. These could be - learning new courses, new certifications, abroad travel, time period of appraisals, promotions, etc.

  8. 06 TIME FRAME FOR MAKING THE HIRING DECISION? It is crucial to expect an on-time communication follow-up. Knowing company’s time frame for making the hiring decision, will help you in deciding further plan of action.

  9. 07 MAY I CONTACT YOU IF ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS? Recruiters are the first point of contact for a company, so don’t hesitate in reaching them. Show your eagerness towards being in touch, this will leave a positive impression among them.

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