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Boratravel.al – Your best travel planner

Bora Travel & Tours eshte nje agjensi udhetimi dhe turistike, qe ndodhet ne qender te qytetit te Tiranes.

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Boratravel.al – Your best travel planner

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  1. Boratravel.al – Your best travel planner This new year there are no excuses to plan the next trip, therefore, in the boratravel, we brought oferta per vitin e ri. Also we have oferta per krishtlindje which you can check out on our site. However, here we present you several tips on how you can buy bileta avioni online te lira. Tip 1: Plan and anticipate your trip: As we all know, the price of airline tickets depends on the date on which you will buy it and on which you will travel. If you anticipate the purchase of your plane ticket for a long time, we assure you of finding the best prices. Tip 2: Buy as early as you can: Is it true that you find better prices for plane tickets in the early morning? The answer is yes. However, special price promotions are usually activated for a certain period, for example 1 or 2 days, which start from 00:00 to 24:00 hrs, in addition, take into account that the price of the ticket depends of the fare class in which your seat will be located. Therefore, bileta avioni me oferte are running out as the seats of the plane are completed, that is, the first to buy are those who will have the greatest opportunity to get flights with less cost. Tip 3: If you travel in a group, buy separately: Following the previous theory, in which each seat has a different cost when buying in groups, you would practically be paying an average between tickets with both low and high price. Therefore, if you travel with your friends, it is recommended that everyone buy their ticket separately. Tip 4: Consider flights with stops: Direct or with stops? This will depend on the available time you have for your trip, if the important thing is to arrive and return quickly or spend more time at the destination than traveling, the best will be a direct flight. But, if you are looking to optimize your budget to the fullest, consider choosing a flight with stops, since they usually have cheaper prices than direct ones, particularly in high seasons. Tip 5: Sign up for newsletters: The best way to be aware of exclusive promotions is through email. Airlines or portals selling airline tickets that are constantly publishing special offers for their travelers through their social networks or via newsletter. This last channel is much more effective since promos will arrive in your mail tray first thing, so you will have a greater opportunity to purchase much cheaper tickets. Hope these tips presented by boratravel will be helpful to you. You can always buy cheap flights on our website. Also, book bianca resort at the best prices!

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