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Welcome to Young Living PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Young Living

Welcome to Young Living

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Welcome to Young Living

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  1. Welcome to Young Living Please sit back and enjoy – We are here to give you information on Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Only you can decide what your interest is.

  2. Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils • What you’ll experience tonight: • Information on the Industry & the Company • The product Line • What is an essential oil? • Young Living Therapeutic Grade™. • Smell, taste, touch our most popular oils. • How to transform your every day with • simple, practical uses. • Ningxia Red Drink • How to save money on Young Living Products • Income Potential & Tax Savings • Essential Rewards for greater savings • A special offer for new members.

  3. The Health Industry • We are in an industry that is exploding ! • Last year Americans spent over 100 billion Dollars on products to help them prevent illness, have more energy, live longer, loose weight, and look and feel younger. • The industry is projected to double in the next 10 years.

  4. The Health Industry • DID YOU KNOW that the number one cause of death in this country is due to our modern medical system – to fatal drug reactions, botches surgery's as well as medical administration errors?

  5. The Health Industry

  6. MEDICATIONS HAVE MANY SIDE EFFECTS Have you ever seen a drug advertisement with no side effects listed

  7. The Health Industry I want you here when I grow up!! Is there a safe Natural approach to the toxic world we live in, pharmaceutical drugs and The illnesses we face today?

  8. The Health Industry • With the aging baby boomer generation and the risk associated with modern medicine more and more people than ever before are looking to achieve optimal health the natural way. • More Americans daily are seeking alternatives to Pharmaceutical Drugs due to the problems and side effects they cause. • The trend is prevention and Young Living is on the cutting edge with products that are superior to most in the industry.

  9. Young Living • Young Living is changing the lives of people all over the world. If you are interested in Feeling Better – Looking Better – and Living Longer you might find a place in Young living! • Young Living is a 19 year old company that is Debt Free. We did over 200 Million Dollars in Sales last year !!! • We are growing at a significant rate each year. • We do business in over 20 countries world wide. • We have the best client loyalty rates in the Industry. We have consumable products that people use and need to reorder. • Young Living is a privately held company which guarantees the absolute quality of our products first over profits.

  10. Young LivingFounder D. Gary Young • He is a man of vision who has a goal to bring the best quality essential oils in the world to every household in the world. • He refuses to compromise the quality of a Young Living Oils. • He is one of the worlds foremost experts on Essential Oils. Gary & Mary Young

  11. Young LivingFounder D. Gary Young Gary Instituted the S.E.E.D to Seal concept to insure Young Living has the finest quality oils in the world • Gary searches the world to find new plants that have superior chemical constituencies which have potential health benefits.

  12. Young LivingFounder D. Gary Young

  13. Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  14. Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Essential Oils have been used for centuries.

  15. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  16. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  17. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  18. Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  19. Young Living • Who can useTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  20. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils Everybody from babies to grandparents

  21. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  22. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  23. Young Living

  24. Young Living

  25. Young Living

  26. Young Living

  27. Young Living

  28. Young Living

  29. Young Living

  30. Young Living

  31. Young Living

  32. Young Living – Nutritional Productswith Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  33. Young Living • Why make the change to Young Living Oils? • Essential Oils have Frequency • Essential Oils help regulate the PH of the body • Essentials Oils are the blood of the plant. • Essential Oils provide more oxygen to your cells • Research shows that cells are healthy if they get more oxygen • To combat the toxins we come in contact with every day. • Young Living Oils are the Missing Link to Modern Medicine.

  34. Young Living

  35. Young Living Simply add a few drops of Lemon Oil to your water to help balance your PH. This will help make your body more alkaline than acidic. Disease can not exist in an alkaline environment.

  36. Young Living Oil is the blood life of the plant – Herbs are what’s left after the oil is removed Oil from the plant after distillation Final Product Adding the plants to the distillery

  37. Young Living • You can see that our products are amazing. • The real results come from the successes people have by using them • You can see from the testimonies that the products do work. • Now lets talk about first how you can save money using Young Living Products and second how you can turn our products into savings and profits with great tax savings if you choose to develop a home based business thru Young Living.

  38. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils • As we said at the start, what you do with Young Living is totally your choice. We are here to show you what is available. It’s your choice and your choices are • 1. You may not be interested at all – Understand, that’s fine with us. • We might suggest you try one or two oils – There is no risk.. All our oils have a money back guarantee.

  39. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils • 2. You might want to purchase some of the oils at retail. Please see the person who invited you. They can help you decide what oils might be best for what ever issue you want to work on.

  40. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils • 3. Become a Member to buy the oils and nutritional products at wholesale – You decide what events you want to attend. There is no pressure to do anything. You save and have access to the entire product line. • Save 24% off retail • Can order directly from the company with no set amount that has to be purchased. • By using Young Living Products you are purchasing pure products that contain no harsh chemicals and have no side effects. Being Healthy saves money! • You can save money by buying one Young Living product that replaces several cleaning products • – Example Thieves Household Cleaner -

  41. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils • 4. Expand your membership and share the oils with others creating savings and additional income . • We have all seen the devastating effects on families when a company we thought was solid fails and people are laid off from good jobs with great benefits. Kodak has laid off over 55,000 people just in Rochester. Why not diversify your income with a Home Based Business. • You get the same tax advantages that any large Fortune 500 company gets. • You get all the support you need to create any size business you desire. There are presentations where you can bring a guest and this presentation will be presented.. • There are scheduled events that will give you product knowledge.

  42. Recommended way to start Everyday Oils Collection Home Diffuser 2 Ningxia Red 2 oz Samples Stress Away 5-ml, Aroma Glide Roller Fitment 2 Peppermint Sample Packs 2 Peace & Calming Sample Packs 2 Lemon Sample Packs 2 Thieves Sample Packs 2 Lavender Sample Packs Plus Literature

  43. Special for tonight ONLY • Join Young Living Today and receive FREE the • Higley Essential Desk Reference • This desk reference will give you the knowledge Guide f you al to learn about Essential Oils A $39.95 Value

  44. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils • WHY A HOME BASED BUSINESS? • Where can you start a business for a few hundred dollars that has unlimited income potential? • How many business let you decide how much time you want to put into the business each week. • What other type of business gives you all the support, marketing , research, and product development for FREE! • What businesses give you financial freedom and the time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. • What businesses allow you to create residual future income that will continue if you decide to basically retire.

  45. Why Direct Marketing ?Barron's saysDirect Selling is the marketingof the future

  46. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils • Final way to SAVE - Essential Rewards • Become a member of Essential Rewards to receive • Up to 20% of the PV of your order that you can use for free products • Reduced Shipping • You can change your order each month • You can change the date each month for your shipment • You can cancel at any time • Order 100 PV each month

  47. Young LivingTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils Thank You for letting us share Young Living with you. Where do you see yourself in Young Living?