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Welcome to Ruby Young 5th Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Ruby Young 5th Grade

Welcome to Ruby Young 5th Grade

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Welcome to Ruby Young 5th Grade

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  1. GOALS NIGHT Welcome to Ruby Young 5th Grade

  2. STUDENT expectations A message from Superintendent Dr. Harris STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO COME TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY AND: Apply an EXTRA EFFORT in all they do as a Desoto ISD student at RYE Choose to have your BEST ATTITUDE, Choose to apply your BEST EFFORT, CHOOSE TO BE THE BEST!

  3. 5th grade team Mrs. Campbell-Reading Mr. Harman- Science Ms. Davis- Language Arts/Social Studies Mrs. Woodall-Math

  4. Schedule Mrs. Campbell's Homeroom 8:10-8:9:25-Math with Mrs. Woodall 9:25-10:40- Science with Mr. Harman 10:40—11:30- Co-Curricular 11:35-12:05-Lunch 12:05-1:25-Language Arts/Social Studies with Ms. Davis 1:25-2:35- Reading with Mrs. Campbell 2:35-3:05-Intervention

  5. Schedule Mr. Harman’s Homeroom 8:10-8:9:25-Language Arts/Social Studies with Ms. Davis 9:25-10:40- Reading with Mrs. Campbell 10:40—11:30- Co-Curricular 11:35-12:05-Lunch 12:05-1:25-Math with Mrs. Woodall 1:25-2:35- Science with Mr. Harman 2:35-3:05-Intervention

  6. Schedule Ms. Davis' Homeroom 8:10-8:9:25- Reading with Mrs. Campbell 9:25-10:40- Math with Mrs. Woodall 10:40—11:30- Co-Curricular 11:35-12:05-Lunch 12:05-1:25-Science with Mr. Harman 1:25-2:35- Language Arts/Social Studies with Ms. Davis 2:35-3:05-Intervention

  7. Schedule Mrs. Woodall’s Homeroom 8:10-8:9:25- Science with Mr. Harman 9:25-10:40- Language Arts/Social Studies with Ms. Davis 10:40—11:30- Co-Curricular 11:35-12:05-Lunch 12:05-1:25 – Reading with Mrs. Campbell 1:25-2:35- Math with Mrs. Woodall 2:35-3:05-Intervention

  8. STAAR Math- April 1st Reading-April 2nd Science- April 23rd The 5th graders must pass the Reading and Math portion of the STAAR test to be promoted to the 6th grade. Retakes will be in May for Reading and Math and, if necessary, in June during Summer School. There will be one opportunity to pass the Science STAAR test which is administered in April.

  9. TOC Folders TOC folders will be sent home on Fridays of every week. Inside the folder will be the students graded work and a list of assignments with their grade (students input their grade on TOC). These need to be signed by a parent and sent back the following Monday. Please make sure you check the papers with the TOC list. Discipline Cards must also be signed by parents which are attached to the TOC.

  10. SLANT S- Sit Up L- Listen A- Ask and answer questions N- Nod your head T- Track the speaker

  11. Supplies • The students need a binder at school. This was not on the school supply list, but it is necessary to be organized at school. • Some supplies that will need to be replenished periodically through the year are: • Glue • Pencils • Map pencils • Crayons • Manila paper Please replace any supplies that your student has misplaced during the course of the year.

  12. Field trip We are planning our yearly field trip to The Outdoor School (pending DISD School Board approval). This is a trip designed to build self esteem, team building, and to reinforce our Science Curriculum through onsite investigations. It is also fun for the kids and a great learning experience. Please visit to learn more. More details to come later.

  13. Homework Reading Logs are due every Monday- 150 minutes every week. Students create their own reading log. Math homework will be given every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. Science and Social Studies homework will be assigned as needed. Three current events are required each grading period per District guidelines for Social Studies. All students are required to participate in the school Science Fair which will be held in January.

  14. Common Assessments Common assessments will be given once every 6 weeksin Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science. The purpose and design of each common assessment is to determine mastery of material taught previously. The common assessment will be given as an exam grade . The common assessments CANNOT be retaken for a higher grade per District policy. Common assessments fall into the Test category for grading.

  15. Discipline • Classroom Rules • Raise hand for permission to speak • Submit homework and assignments when due • Arrive to classroom with necessary materials. • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself • Follow directions the first time given Consequences Verbal Warning Card Signature 2nd Card signature 3rd Card signature-Parent phone call/Loss of Fun Friday 4th Card Signature-Buddy Teacher Timeout

  16. Assistant Principal Detention After school Detention will be with the Assistant Principal Mrs. Hannible on Friday from 3:15-5:00 for persistent misbehavior, defiant behavior, or other reasons in accordance with DISD student handbook. Arrangements with the parents will be made prior to detention assignment.

  17. Contact information Email School phone- (972) 223-6505 Conference time- 10:40-11:30

  18. Teacher Websites Each Teacher is required to maintain a class website that is linked to the District website for parent access. This website is vital in providing information regarding class announcements, upcoming events, and reminders.

  19. Websites

  20. Reading • Reading Logs will be sent out every Monday. The students need to log a total of 150 minutes. • The students will have library every Friday to check out books. • The goal is for 100% passage on STAAR and to be on or above reading level.

  21. Math • Multiplication Facts are very important!! Please have your child practice every night on the computer, ipad, ipod, flash cards, etc. • Place Value, Algebraic thinking, Geometry, Measurement, Probability and Statistics, and Problem Solving will be taught throughout the year. • GOAL- 100% passage on STAAR!!

  22. Science Goal: 100% of Ruby Young Science Scholars to Master 5th Grade STAAR Science test • Investigations: conducted weekly utilizing the Scientific Method in a classroom and lab setting. • Assessments: tests, quizzes, common assessments, and projects to show mastery (anticipate a week advanced notice on most projects) • Science objectives require the student to learn what has been mastered in the classroom and apply those objectives in “real world settings” • Anticipate the “Science Fair” experience to begin in mid to late October Provides an opportunity for your child to apply Scientific Inquire Process we learn in school. • What can you do at home: Talk with your child in everyday settings and ask them “why” or “how” the natural world around them works. Encourage science vocabulary usage. FOLLOW UP ON HOMEWORK EVERYDAY…Check their planners daily. “Websites”

  23. Language Arts • Improve on writing skills using the writing process. • Improve on their oral, written conventions, and handwriting.

  24. Social Studies • Students to have knowledge of Native Americans, 13 colonies, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the formation of a new nation. • Students will use skills to explore cause-and-effect relationships; compare past and present events; and make and use timelines, graphs, charts, and maps to interpret historical data. • Be knowledge of what is going on in the world around them through the current event assignments.

  25. FINAL THOUGHTS/QUESTIONS • Thank you for attending our Parent Goals night. We look forward to working with you this year. Your RYE 5th Grade Team Mrs. Campbell Ms. Davis Mr. Harman Mrs. Woodall