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Welcome to 5th Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade

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Welcome to 5th Grade

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  1. Welcome to 5th Grade Katie Cannon, Erin Gibson, & Jill Lynch

  2. International Baccalaureate Mission Statement: LCE is dedicated to preparing students to become compassionate, critical thinkers and life long learners who are responsible global citizens helping create a better and more peaceful world.

  3. What is an IB school? • Inquiry based learning • Becoming more globally minded • The aim of the IB program is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help create a better and more peaceful world.

  4. IB Essential Elements • Transdiciplinary Themes • Attitudes • Learner Profile • Key Concepts • The Action Cycle

  5. IB PYP Attitudes Appreciation Commitment Confidence Cooperation Creativity Curiosity Empathy Enthusiasm Independence Integrity Respect Tolerance We teach the students the IB attitudes (character traits) so that they will become adults who fit the learner profile. Learner Profile Inquirers Thinkers Communicators Risk – Takers Knowledgeable Principled Caring Open – minded Balanced Reflective

  6. Exhibition • 5th Grade Culminating Project • Theme: Where We Are in Time & Place • Central Idea: History has the ability to impact the present and future. • Students are placed in groups based on interest. • Students research topics, organize information, write a planner, and present information to our school and community.

  7. Academics • Language Arts • The Reading Workshop provides a structure to the teaching of reading, one that has been especially designed to make sure that children are given the essentials they need to flourish as readers. • Mini-lessons • Ongoing Reading, Conferring, and Small-Group Work • Writing about Reading • Read-alouds • Independent Reading • Partnerships • Book Clubs • Reading Logs

  8. Academics • Language Arts • Writing Workshop • Minilessons • Writing and Conferring • Sharing

  9. Academics • Language Arts • Spelling & Word Study • Mondays & Fridays will be dedicated to spelling instruction. Students receive a list of words to study by Monday, and complete 2 homework assignments from their list of spelling assignments during the week. A test will be given on Friday.

  10. Academics • Math • Through the Pearson Education “Math Investigations” curriculum, students find opportunities to explore meaningful problems in-depth to solve them creatively. • Research-based program (National Science Foundation) • Students remain in their self-contained classroom for math (mixed abilities) to facilitate and extend discussion (we learn with & through others). • Family Letters are sent home frequently to provide background on the current unit. • Pearson Success is available for a math resource (you will receive more information from your child’s teacher). • Math Competition will be held November 10th.

  11. Academics • Science • Every student creates and maintains a science notebook. • Students will learn the scientific process and know how to write a lab report using this process. They will also be studying the four areas of science: Nature of Science, Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. • Specifically the units we visit throughout the year: Properties of Matter, Force, Motion and Energy, Sun, Earth and Moon, Landforms, Resources, Terrestrial Environments, Earth Cycles, Ecosystems, and Models and Designs. • Multiple investigations are conducted with students creating written lab reports.

  12. Academics The Annual LCE Science Fair • Who: All fifth graders • What: All students will conduct experiments using the scientific process. • When: Late Winter (January/February) • This will be counted as a test grade! • Information will be sent home in November or December. • District science fair is in the Spring.

  13. Academics Social Studies • We focus on American History in 5th Grade: Colonial America, American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, and Geography as well.

  14. Academics • STAAR • State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness • Math, Reading, & Science

  15. 5th grade Economic System • S’s will have jobs that they fulfill in the classroom for pay. • S’s will pay rent each month. • Surplus money can be saved or spent at our monthly auctions (we need donations) • If a student cannot make their rent for the month, they will do extra jobs in the classroom to pay off their debt.

  16. 5th grade Economic System • S’s paychecks are not enough to make rent – they must earn extra money through good deeds, grades, participation in extracurricular activities. • S’s will be fined when breaking school rules (Ex. missing H.W., dishonesty, rudeness, etc.)

  17. Miscellaneous • Camp Grady Spruce • Camp is scheduled for March 4th – 8th • The cost is $225 as of right now depending on any cost increases from Camp or the cost of buses. • We need volunteers for camp. • We need about 10 male and 10 female volunteers to stay with the kids in the cabins. • Volunteers will attend camp for free and take home a lifetime of memories.

  18. Miscellaneous • Volunteers • If you would like to volunteer for camp or for any of our other field trips, or even eat with your child in the cafeteria - you must fill out a criminal background check. • This must be done again this year even if you filled one out in the past. • Go to • Click on “Parents” • On the right hand side, click on “Volunteer” • Scroll down to “Criminal History Check”

  19. Miscellaneous • Uniforms • Our shirts are navy blue (not light blue or other blues), red, or white shirts. Shirts may be long or short sleeve.  Short sleeve shirts must be a knit, polo style with collar.  Long sleeve shirts may be button-down or have the regular spread collar.  Turtlenecks and sweaters may also be worn in cooler weather and should be of the same color scheme. • Spirit shirts can be worn every day. • College shirts can be worn on Fridays with jeans. • Boys may wear slacks or shorts. • Girls may wear slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers, or capri pants.

  20. Parent Self Serve • Please sign up for Parent Self Serve. • This is a great way to check your child’s grades. • Go to • Click on “Parents” and then “Parents Self Serve.” • Follow the directions listed.

  21. Miscellaneous • Parent Conferences • We will begin to schedule conferences at the beginning of October. • Planners • Please check and sign your child’s planner every night. • Medication • If your child must take medicine at school it must be given by the nurse in the clinic. This includes any kind of over-the-counter drugs and cough drops. • Tuesday Folders • Every Tuesday you will receive information from the school and graded papers. If you are not getting the information that means your child is not bringing it home to you.