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Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations. Government On-Line. “Working Through the Cross Jurisdictional Challenges of Developing a Tier 3 Application”. Service Nova Scotia. Partners’ Business Drivers. Dept. of Service Nova Scotia one stop registration and business licensing

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  1. Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations Government On-Line “Working Through the Cross Jurisdictional Challenges of Developing a Tier 3 Application”

  2. Service Nova Scotia Partners’ Business Drivers • Dept. of Service Nova Scotia • one stop registration and business licensing • electronic self service • Worker’s Compensation Board • assessment payment plan • access channels • data sharing with CCRA (Compliance) • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency • national business registry – Business Number

  3. Service Nova Scotia Employer Registration Issues • Multiple Identification Numbers • Minimal Access Channels • Multiple Steps and Locations • Poor Compliance • Customer Expectations Rising • Demand for Government Efficiency

  4. Service Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Business Registry • Integrated registration / licensing service • Corporate profile • CCRA’s BN as provincial unique identifier • Security model • Electronic self-service • Infrastructure for future expansion

  5. Service Nova Scotia Employer WCB Issues • Problems with Estimates • Associated Penalty • Payment in Advance • Cash Flow • Red Tape • Capacity

  6. Service Nova Scotia Assessment Payment Plan • Periodic remittances based on actual • Harmonization of business rules with CCRA • Shared remittance system with CCRA • Combined Service Delivery • e.g.. Statements of Account • Higher compliance levels

  7. Service Nova Scotia NSBR Partnerships From RFP • WCB • Client registration • Periodic payment & payroll reporting • Service Nova Scotia • Licenses, Permits • NSBR responsibility • Unisys • Project Delivery • Operational • Support • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency • National Business Registry • Payroll reporting & revenue management

  8. Service Nova Scotia Financial Arrangements • CCRA paid for and managed costs for their internal system changes • BCS held contract with Unisys • BCS / WCB shared contract costs: • WCB: internal system changes; 50% project management; 50% to a maximum for NSBR • BCS: balance of contract

  9. Service Nova Scotia Development Team Organizational Transition Team Implementation Team Communication Team Project Organizational Structure Mgmt Committee BCS, WCB,CCRA (Senior Mgmt) Steering Committee Operational Mgmt Project Mgr Gov’t PM Vendor PM

  10. Service Nova Scotia PM Methodology UNISYS • Subproject definition documentation, • Deliverables register, • Change requests, • Decision requests, • Risks register, • Design review board, • Standardized reports

  11. Service Nova Scotia Governance • NSBR Charter • Memoranda of Understanding: • WCB with CCRA • WCB with BCS • BCS with CCRA

  12. NSBR Management Model Service Nova Scotia Management Committee Strategy Steering Committee Oversight Operational Managers Committee Advisory NSBR Administrator Operations Operations Relationship Management Service Agreement Management

  13. Policy Issues(Legislation) • Electronic Filing Act • Electronic Document Filing Act • Agency Legislation • Income Tax Act • WCB Legislation Bill 90 • Changes to Regulations

  14. Harmonization of Policy for CCRA Solution • Definition of Assessable Payroll • Forms • Due Dates • Penalties • Payment Channels • Electronic - Payroll Service Providers • PC Banking

  15. Points of Service • Choices “How & When” • Centralized Registration • One Profile • One Identification Number • One Payroll Reporting Set of Rules • License Permits and Approvals • To the Internet Spring 2001 • Efficiency

  16. Points of Service • Shared Process Creates Opportunities for Efficiency • Build • Printing SOA • Compliance Gains • WCB 14,500 to 18,000 Accounts • Data Warehouse • Information to Customer

  17. Key Success Factors • Communicate! Communicate! • Team Members • Clearly defined decision processes • Partnership – all issues OUR issues • Flexibility • Acknowledge differences in corporate culture • Customer led solutions

  18. Co-ordinating Communications: A Key Challenge • Identification of Target Audiences • Development of Key Messages • Adoption of Guiding Principles • Learn from Year Long Pilot

  19. The Planning Process:Carried out Jointly • Development and Approval of Communications Strategy • Preparation of Integrated Communications Plan • Supported by Organization Specific Plans

  20. Audiences, Messages and Tools • Business Community • Internal Staff • Stakeholders and Other Partners

  21. What We Learned • Acceptance of Each Other’s Processes • Adaption of Policies • One Audience: One Message • “Partnership” is a New Animal • Relationships Matter

  22. Future Directions • Continued Development . Streamline processes & enhance data integrity . Enhance functionality . Expand within each jurisdiction

  23. Future Directions • Expand Partnerships . Manitoba: integrated registration 2002 . British Columbia: integrated registration and payment processing 2002 . New Brunswick: integrated registration . Talking with others

  24. Future Directions • New technology . Registration on the Internet 2001 . More payments options . Personalized information and more transactions

  25. For more Information • Greg Keefe, Exec. Director Province of Nova Scotia (902) 424-4417 • Stuart MacLean, VP WCB of Nova Scotia (902) 491-8323 • Leslie-Ann Scott, Director of Program Development, CCRA (613) 946-0214

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