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Name That Technology… PowerPoint Presentation
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Name That Technology…

Name That Technology…

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Name That Technology…

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  1. Name That Technology…

  2. Film Projector • It “is going to make school so attractive that a big army with swords and guns couldn’t keep boys and girls out of it.” 1911 Thomas Edison

  3. Computers • “This technology will enable us to so modify the learning environment outside the classroom that much if not all the knowledge schools presently try to teach with such pain and expense and such limited success will be learned, as the child learns to talk, painlessly, successfully, and without organized instruction.” 1980 Seymour Papert

  4. The Chalkboard • “[These instruments are] but little resorted to by the teacher, who knows almost as little how to use it as his pupils. It’s in vain that our more intelligent [school] committees urge the importance of its use, from year to year.” 1840

  5. Television • “We are convinced that the American people want [this technology] and that they need [it]. [This device] will not be simply a luxury entertainment service. Its educational potential is unlimited. It will be the most powerful communication tool of them all.” 1947

  6. Stereoscope • “…the existing system is utterly inefficient. The teacher may pour it in the ear or exhibit it in caricature in the miserable embellishments of the school book, but unless he teaches through the eye…no satisfactory instruction can be conveyed.” 1856 Sir David Brewster

  7. Radio • “We are living in times of accelerated change…we must recognize [this technology] as an avenue of communication; it can help students to be intelligent about important events…; it can bring them the good things of life…” “[This instrument] will ultimately be used as a substitute for certain teacher instruction.” 1941