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F R A N C E. By: Chris DiMedio , Gavin Ferrandino , Eddie Mancinelli , John Cohee , Kevin Sullivan, Abby Briskin , and Jordyn Ramsay. L e g a c i e s. Today we still have use in monarchies

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  1. FRANCE • By: Chris DiMedio, Gavin Ferrandino, Eddie Mancinelli, John Cohee, Kevin Sullivan, Abby Briskin, and Jordyn Ramsay

  2. Legacies • Today we still have use in monarchies • Even some well known Countries like: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and United Kingdom.

  3. HughCabet • He was once a noble then he was the king of France. • He ruled a small area between the Seine and the Loire rivers. • He died in 996 A.D.

  4. LouisVI • He was known as “ Louis the Fat”. • Increased the power of the Monarchy. • He got rid of disloyal nobles and replaced them.

  5. PhillipII • Known as “Phillip Augustine”. • He ruled from 1179-1223 A.D. • He made Paris the center of the government. • He increased the size of the kingdom by marrying the English princess. • To make nobles less powerful, he hired royal agents to watch them.

  6. KingLouisIX • He brought peace and united the people. • He made sure nobles did not fight amongst each other. • Since the nobles printed money, he made sure they didn’t not steal any. • He set up the royal court. • Was made a saint of the Roman catholic church.

  7. PhillipIV • He ruled from 1285-1314 A.D. • He was known as “Phillip the Fair”. • He seized English fortresses. • Went to war with the Flemish to help trade. • Made more taxes and tax clergy for the first time. • He marked the first government of France.

  8. ImportantDates • 987 A.D. - Hugh Capet was chosen as the New King of France • 996 A.D. – Carpet, who died, was the first of a line of Capetian Kings who ruled France for some 300 years. • 1108 A.D. – Louis VI or “Louis the Fat” became king and increased the power of the monarchy • 1179 to 1223 A.D. – Philip, the current ruler, made Paris the center of government • 1226 A.D. – Philip’s grandson became King Louis IX and brought peace to France and united the French people. • 1285 to 1314 A.D. – Philip VI, Louis’s grandson, ruled and believed of that the states came first • 1314 A.D. – By the time Philip VI died, France was united under only one ruler

  9. Vocabulary • Monarchies – countries governed by one ruler

  10. Religion • France was a catholic country • King Louis IX was made a saint of the Roman Catholic Church

  11. Decline Of Kings • Hugh Capet- French noble, chosen to be ruler of france. Ruled a small territory between Loire and Seine rivers. He was the first person in line of Capetian kings that ruled for 300 years. 100 years after Capet’s death, rulers were weak and didn’t do much to increase royal power. • Louis VI- Also known as “Louis the Fat”, increased power of the monarchy after he became king in 1108.

  12. Technology • Money made by the royal mint

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