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Colour. Ancient Egyptian wall painting. Giotto, Italy, 13 th century. Fra Angelico, Italy, 14 th Century. Titian, Italy 1485-1576. Vermeer, Netherlands 1632- 1675. Edouard Manet , France 1832-1883. Andre Derain, France 1880-1954. Ellsworth Kelly, USA, 1933-. Task.

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  1. Colour

  2. Ancient Egyptian wall painting

  3. Giotto, Italy, 13th century

  4. Fra Angelico, Italy, 14th Century

  5. Titian, Italy 1485-1576

  6. Vermeer, Netherlands 1632- 1675

  7. EdouardManet, France 1832-1883

  8. Andre Derain, France 1880-1954

  9. Ellsworth Kelly, USA, 1933-

  10. Task All: Understand key vocabulary related to colour theory, and demonstrate by completing illustrated document. Choose TWO of the paintings to discuss under the heading of “Colour” on your blog. Some: Research Fauves- Matisse and Derain- and colour symbolism- and select some works to discuss. Follow up by looking at a contemporary art work from the “Colour Chart” exhibition of 2008.

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