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A magic sled

A magic sled

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A magic sled

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  1. A magic sled By Nicholas Tomasini 

  2. Crunch, crunch went the snow under my feet as I trudged up the Himalayas.  I was half way up when something caught my eye. 

  3. I walked over to the thing that was almost buried in snow. I started to dig. What was it? Oh wow , it was a sled! I sat down on it to see if it could hold my weight. Then it started going up! What ?

  4. It was a magic sled . I sped to the top of the mountain, so I could go down. This is to going to be fun! When I got to the top I was already used to the strong winds and snow in my face because the sled shot up the mountain so fast and threw snow everywhere.

  5. As I started down the hill a Yeti started to chase me.

  6. Help me sled! He was gaining on me.  I told the sled to do something!

  7. Then there was a short pause, and out came rockets from under the sled.  The rockets blew snow on the Yettie as they powered up.

  8. I launched down the mountain dodging rocks and trees.  I hit a jump and the sled got wings.  I soared through the air like a plane.

  9. The Yettie was now a big ball of snow rolling down the mountain.  I was so glad I had found my magic sled. 

  10. I told the sled to land.  When I landed on the perfect snow I saw a cave filled with perfect diamonds.

  11.   When I got home, my parents were watching TV by the fire.  I showed them the sled and told them about my adventures and they were amazed . Mom , dad look what I found!

  12. Later, we went sledding and had lots of fun. 

  13. That was my first adventure with the magic sled, but not the last.