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My Own World Of Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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My Own World Of Technology

My Own World Of Technology

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My Own World Of Technology

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  1. My Own World Of Technology

  2. Technology is becoming more and more advanced and useful. Nowadays, electrical appliances, telecommunication devices and other technological gadgets, has turned our life into something much easier and comfortable. In the future, this comfort will be greater. There are some predictions about futuristic gadgets that will be invented in order to make our life better. I have 2 examples of future inventions that will make many of our problems disappear:

  3. Autonomous Car • Autonomous car, driverless car, self-driving car or robot car is a vehicle that is capable of driving itself. It uses the GPS system and laser sensors to find its way and avoid obstacles completely autonomously. Those benefits will be achieved with the processing power of eight computers. The rate of road accidents will decrease in large-scale and traffic jam will almost disappear.

  4. Autonomous Car

  5. 4D Printing 4D printing is not that far from happening. The great difference between 3D printing and 4D printing is that 3D prints are static objects and they are supposed to be used as they were printed. If we want to use them in a different away, we have to change them by ourselves. 4D prints are more useful because you don’t print static things; you print things that turn into other things. 4D printers will incorporate time as the fourth dimension, so that the objects they create change their form when activated.

  6. 4D Printing

  7. To conclude, I think that technology is really important in our lives and in a near future it will help us even more. And this is a really good prediction. Technology also has its dangers because we lost privacy and with the passing of time, people are getting increasingly addicted to video games. These games allow us to create worlds where everything is possible and they are also putting our real life in the virtual world and it can bring some dangers to our life because everything we put online stays there forever. Some people prefer the virtual social network than the real social network and this is worrying.

  8. Another disadvantage is the fact that we assume so many different identities and we begin to lose our own sense of identity. Despite that, in my opinion, I think everyone should learn to deal with technology because in the future it will be even more advanced and useful.

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