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  1. Noah by Miya, Bethany and William.

  2. strengths Noah was a righteous man. He was blameless among the people of his time. This does not mean Noah was perfect or sinless, but he loved God with his whole heart and was fully committed to obedience. Noah's life revealed qualities of patience and persistence, and his faithfulness to God did not depend on anyone else. His faith was singular and unshakable in a completely faithless society.

  3. weakness Noah had a weakness for wine. In Genesis 9, the Bible tells of Noah's only recorded sin. He became drunk and passed out in his tent, making himself an embarrassment to his sons.

  4. Accomplishments • When we meet Noah, we learn that he is the one and only follower of God remaining in his generation. He goes on to become the second father of the human race. As an architectural engineer and shipbuilder, he put together an amazing structure, the likes of which had never before been built. With the project length spanning 120 years, it was quite a notable achievement. Noah's greatest accomplishment, however, was his faithful commitment to obey and walk with God all the days of his life.

  5. Life lessons • We learn from Noah that it is possible to remain faithful and pleasing to God even in the midst of a corrupt and sinful generation. Surely it wasn't easy for Noah, but he found favor in God's eyes because of his remarkable obedience. God blessed and saved Noah, just as he will faithfully bless and protect those of us who follow and obey him today. Our call to obedience is not a short-term, one-time call. Like Noah, our obedience must be lived out over a lifetime of faithful commitment.

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  7. Noah's religion • Noah’s religion is Islamic.

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