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Prophet Noah ( a.s PowerPoint Presentation
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Prophet Noah ( a.s

Prophet Noah ( a.s

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Prophet Noah ( a.s

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  1. Prophet Noah (a.s By: Razan Habash and Suha Ahmad

  2. Where? Where? • South of Iraq around the present site of Kufa. • The ark was put on Mount Judi. • South of Iraq around the present site of Kufa. • The ark was put on Mount Judi.

  3. What? The people didn’t listen to Prophet Nuh(a.s), therefore Allah (SWT) commanded Nuh to build an ark. When the ark was built Allah (SWT) sent a massive flood to drown the disbelievers. In a matter of time no man was left. This shows that Allah (SWT) can cause anything to happen whether its good or bad.

  4. How? • Since the people of Kufa interacted wrongly, with Prophet Nuh (a.s) this disaster was sent by Allah (SWT) as a punishment.

  5. When? • The time of Prophet Nuh (a.s.) was between the time of the Prophets Idris and Hud (a.s.)

  6. Why? • Allah (SWT) sent the flood as a punishment for the disbelievers. They did not even try to listen to the Prophet Nuh therefore the outcome was that they were killed for their wrong actions. • This teaches us to always listen because you may find knowledge in surprising places. That is how Allah (SWT) made the world function.

  7. Who? • The force behind the great flood was Allah (SWT). He was ansewring the prayer of Prophet Nuh (a.s). • “My Lord! Leave not upon land any dweller from among the disbelievers. For surely if You leave them they will lead astray Your servants and will not beget any immoral ungrateful offspring.”

  8. Wow! • In the ark Prophet Nuh (a.s.) had put together animals that were predators to each other. For example he put a lion and a chicken together. The miracle of it was that they were calm around each other. • The Prophet's son was a disbeliever, because of this his own family did not have wholeness.

  9. Thank You! Thank You!