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Word Templates

Word Templates

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Word Templates

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  1. Word Templates

  2. Word Templates A document file that serves as a model on which to build another publication or page. Examples: Resume Cover Letter Agenda Business Card Invitation Newsletter Invoice Brochure
  3. Access Word Templates Start – All programs – MS Office – Word Office Button New Choose a template
  5. E-Resume (Electronic Resume) Formatted Resume Word processed resume Only use Microsoft Word is the most widely used software Save as a .doc or Word 97-2003 format Delivery methods Postal mail Fax Hand deliver E-mail attachment – vulnerable to viruses
  6. Searchable Databases More than 80 percent of employers are placing resumes directly into searchable databases Objectives for Today: Using templates Create a resume and envelope Save your resume in different formats Sending your resume in text-based format directly in the body of an e-mail Allows them to place your resume in a searchable database
  7. Check out local companies
  8. E-Resume (Electronic Resume) Text Resume Word processed resume saved as a .txt file Stripped of all formatting Not visually appealing Used for keyword searchable databases Delivery methods Job Boards Pasting piece by piece into the profile forms of job boards Pasting in an e-mail Send formatted copy by mail or person
  9. .txt
  10. .txt w/ accepted formatting === ++++ >>>> ***
  11. E-Resume (Electronic Resume) Rich Text Format (.rtf) Create in most word processing programs - save as .rtf Use as an e-mail attachment, when you don’t know what software the employer prefers The format will remain visually appealing Less vulnerable to viruses than Word documents Still paste the .txt version in the e-mail body
  12. .rtf
  13. and .txt version pasted below
  14. E-Resume (Electronic Resume) Portable Document Format (pdf) Create in Word 2007 version. Save as .pdf Looks identical to the original document Appears consistent from computer to computer Difficult to perform keyword searches Most employers have Adobe Acrobat, the software used to read the file
  15. .pdf
  16. Today Create a resume using the Word Template Save in 4 different versions Save as in Word 97-2003 Bridget McDougall 2009 resume doc (Your Name) Save as .txt Bridget McDougall 2009 resume txt (Your Name) Make format changes to resume using + or = or **** or >>> Save as .rtf Bridget McDougall 2009 resume rtf (Your Name) Save as .pdf Bridget McDougall 2009 resume pdf (Your Name)
  17. Today Hand in 2 Resumes Print your Word 97-2003 resume version Print your .txt version with format changes * Write down which template you used (5pts) Hand in an “envelope” Mailings – Envelope – type addresses – Print Print an envelope with an address of a local business and your return address Hit the Go button a few times on the printer
  18. Next Class Project Dream of a business you would like to start Resources not a problem! If you won the lottery but the criteria was you had to start your own business, what would you do? What activity you would do free, purely out of a sense of passion?
  19. Next Class Project Create a brochure about the business (90 pts) Criteria for the brochure will be based on the Word Review List Print and envelope (10 pts) *Bring a legal envelope