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Sweet 16

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Sweet 16

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  1. Sweet 16 ~Megan Pierce

  2. During the biggest snow storm in Oklahoma was my sweet 16 birthday. My birthday party was the day right after we got like 20 inches of snow. Everything was shut down, the town was at a stand steal. So we weren't sure if I was going to get to have my big sweet 16 birthday cake I picked out or even if my family was going to be able to make it to my house.

  3. We called the place where my cake was suppose to be done at and picked up that same day, they were close. The lady who was making it was stuck at home. All of my family that was going to be at my birthday party was all stuck at home too.

  4. We started calling every cake place we could think of. No one was opened or they were stuck at home. One lady said she would make it but she didn’t have the stuff they needed to make the cake so she couldn't. My mom said she would go to Walmart and buy stuff to try to make my birthday cake.

  5. We were on our way to Walmart to get some things for my birthday and stuff to make my cake. The roads were so bad. There were a lot of cars on the side of the road. I was starting to think we weren't even going to make it to the store. Things were not looking good at all.

  6. We finally made it to Walmart after like an hour getting there. But right when we got there the lady who was suppose to make my cake called and said she was going to try to get to work and make it just for me. We got everything we needed for my birthday family party and had to be back at Walmart by 8 that night to pick up my cake.

  7. The cake maker lady was like the hero of the day. She tried so hard to get to her job to make my sweet 16 cake. She got the cake done 8 that night and it was so pretty. It had two layers and was hot pink and black. It was the best cake I've ever seen.

  8. One other really good things that happened was all my family still made it to my party. The roads were still pretty bad but a little made. My sweet 16 party was saved and was pretty good. The only bad part was by time we got my cake home there was I crack from the ride home. The roads were really bumpy from the ice and snow.

  9. The snow and ice kept coming and wouldn’t stop. Before I was scared I wouldn’t even have a party. Then the whole cake thing came up. The cake maker lady only had a day to finish my cake so I thought she wouldn’t get it done. Good thing she did and the stuff on the roads melted too just in time for family to come over.

  10. My mom, family and the cake maker lady all made sure I would have a good birthday. From my mom calling everywhere for someone to make me a birthday cake. Being in the car for forever trying to make our way to the store for my party stuff. The cake maker lady saying she could make my cake. Being in the car a long time again trying to get my cake home. All my family trying so hard to get to my birthday.