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Drug Addiction Help Florida PowerPoint Presentation
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Drug Addiction Help Florida

Drug Addiction Help Florida

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Drug Addiction Help Florida

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  1. Florida Drug Addiction CallOur 24/7 Helpline 855-982-2401

  2. About Drug Addiction Drug addiction is a disease that affects people across all demographics and social statuses. It is a progressive illness, which often leads to incarceration and sometimes death. If left untreated, one can find themselves losing all that is dear to them if they do not make a change. Many people don’t understand how or why some people become addicted to drugs and some may even assume that it comes down to a lack of willpower or principles which is not the case. It is a complex and deep rooted condition and quitting takes a lot more than just a strong will and intentions to do better.

  3. What is Drug Addiction? Addiction has been declared a disease by the American Psychiatric Association. It is a chronic and progressive illness that causes compulsive drug use and drug seeking, despite the horrific consequences that result for the individual and those around them. While the initial choice to take drugs may be voluntary for most people, the physical and mental changes that take place over time for the addict defy his or her sense of self-control and ability to refrain from using drugs. • • CallOur 24/7 Helpline 855-982-2401

  4. Symptoms of Drug Addiction Symptoms of drug addiction depend on what types of drugs are being abused and how addicted is the user. Most drug addicts try to isolate themselves and will do anything and everything to hide their drug use from their family and friends. Listed below are some common signs of use for different popular drugs in today’s world. Call Our 24/7 Helpline 855-982-2401

  5. Addiction Treatment Centers Florida Call Our 24/7 Helpline 855-982-2401 The options for addiction treatment in Florida are limitless and the Florida Drug Addiction Helpline is committed to helping those who are seeking recovery find effective addiction treatment options. We offer free consultation to help those seeking treatment navigate through identifying if there is a problem and helping them find the best possible treatment options if they need them. If you know someone who is struggling with drug addiction and is in need of addiction treatment, please contact the Florida Drug Addiction Helpline at 855-982-2401 to speak to a member of our team.

  6. Inpatient Treatment Centers Call Our 24/7 Helpline 855-982-2401 Inpatient drug addiction treatment refers to a treatment program where patients reside at the facility and are subject to the program’s rules and regulations. They require the highest level of responsibility on the patient’s part. Patients will regularly attend individual therapy sessions and recovery-based groups where they learn more about their addiction, improving coping skills, and learn about the benefits of recovery support groups. They are also closely monitored and are subject to regular drug screenings. Patients are normally advised to come to these centers immediately following their discharge from a detox facility.

  7. Outpatient Treatment Programs Outpatient treatment programs offer many of the same benefits of inpatient programs, except the patients reside outside of the facility and allow them more freedom. They also offer individual counseling sessions and group therapy just like inpatient treatment. These programs are often referred to as intensive outpatient (IOP) and are highly beneficial to those who have already completed an inpatient drug addiction treatment program. Patients who attend these programs often reside in transitional livings and sober living houses. Call Our 24/7 Helpline 855-982-2401

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