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Books in your Pocket

Books in your Pocket. The New Victor Stream Damian Pickering CTEBVI April 2014. The New Stream – Books in your Pocket. Feature Benefit high contrast tactile keypad = short learning curve that puts focus on reading content

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Books in your Pocket

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  1. Books in your Pocket The New Victor Stream Damian Pickering CTEBVI April 2014

  2. The New Stream – Books in your Pocket FeatureBenefit high contrast tactile keypad = short learning curve that puts focus on reading content One button access to study tools = Go to bookmark, highlight, page Tactile keys/ menus are spoken = 100% access to the player Small, light, and discreet = goes with you everywhere built in wireless new high quality “Acapela” speech high quality voice recorder (stereo mp3/wav) Accessible Content: Bookshare, NLS, Learning Ally, BRF, HTML, XML, DOCX, EPUB

  3. What makes for good reading? • find your books quickly • easy and consistent user interface • supports wide variety of content • long battery life • snooze!

  4. Productivity for VI and Blind Students • Dedicated players offer productivity in reading while the touch screen may provide challenges and adds to the complexity of using the device • Physical buttons make it easier and quicker to navigate and operate the device rather then using finger gestures • Frustrations from hunting for icons on a touch screen can distract from reading enjoyment and comprehension

  5. Advantages of dedicated reading devices • Battery capacity better than mobile phones and tablets. (User replaceable batteries.) • Consistent “Bookshelf” structure for accessing all content types rather than multiple apps with multiple interfaces to learn. • Less training time. • Built in documentation, and key describer, allows players to be learned quickly.

  6. Victor StreamSimple and efficient user interface • Single button for volume, tone and pitch audio adjustment • Key describer announces functions of each key (press and hold key zero for 2 seconds, toggle to turn off) • Information key (key zero quick press) announces book title, time elapsed, time remaining, total pages • Where am I key (key 5) announces reading position such as page, chapter, or song title

  7. Navigate quickly and easily • Locate books, files, audio recordings quickly and easily with a key press (key 1) for “Bookshelf” • “Go To Page” key finds pages just like turning to a specific page in a printed book • Browse DAISY books by chapter, section, or phrase • Move through text files by paragraph, sentence, word • Navigate via Go To Time, Go To Percent, Time jump, fast forward / rewind • Navigate MP3 books and music by folder or file • Never lose your place: your Stream automatically resumes where you left off

  8. Record lectures or voice notes • Quick press record button to create audio notes anytime • Use built-in mono microphone or connect stereo microphone • Record important phone numbers, to-do lists, classroom lectures • Record from line-in devices such as cassette or CD player

  9. Study Skills and Annotations • Bookmark important passages, press bookmark key • Three types of bookmarks: Standard, highlight and audio • Go to Bookmark: enter number of previously created bookmark on keypad and press play • Insert bookmark: Press confirm to create standard bookmark – press record to create audio bookmark • Start and highlight bookmark – mark beginning and end points of important passage • Bookmark list – navigate with keys 4 and 6, Stream will play highlight and audio bookmarks

  10. A new way to get your books • New Victor Stream has built in wireless • Downloading books via wireless is here and it will • only expand! • Daisy On Line Delivery (DOD) • Content “push” to the device • Access to latest novels, magazines, favorite music • Internet radio, audio-described films

  11. Accessing Wireless Features • Press round wireless button to switch between SD memory and wireless bookshelves • Hold down wireless button to switch airplane mode on and off • From wireless bookshelf press key 7 for wireless configurations menu • Wireless, Online Services, Software Updates

  12. Connect to a Wireless Network • Key 7 for wireless configurations menu • Key 8 until Scan for available networks, Confirm Key • Key 2 or 8 move through list of available networks. Confirm key to select choice • Multi tap text entry method to enter network security code (SSID) Confirm Key

  13. Online Services • Newsline, Bookshare, Internet Radio • Wireless Bookshelf same as Standard Bookshelf • Press Key 1 to navigate shelf to shelf • Keys 4 and 6 navigate books on shelf • All standard navigation methods apply • Create and navigate all bookmark types

  14. Seeking Knowledge – The Power of Search • Navigate Online BookShare Bookshelf to “Search for BookShare Books” (Confirm Key) • Enter author, title, key word, multi –tap text entry method • Browse by category • Select book (Confirm Key)

  15. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, why stop here? • Search book for specific word or reference (Go to Key) • Multi-tap text entry method • Search forward or back for same search string (6 and 4 keys) • Useful for research topics, newspapers, magazines, reference books • Wikipedia and Wiktionary search • Online reference Bookshelf

  16. All work and no play? • Internet Radio • Internet Radio Bookshelf • Browse HumanWare Play List • NPR, BBC, Old Time Radio Theater, Music • Search on ooTunes • Add to favorites

  17. Enjoy Streams do come true! Yours can too! Dare to Stream!

  18. Thank you! 800-722-3393 www.humanware.com

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