welcome to elliott truck and tire n.
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Towing, Road Service, Tire Repair and Road Side Assistance Mulberry grove IL PowerPoint Presentation
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Towing, Road Service, Tire Repair and Road Side Assistance Mulberry grove IL

Towing, Road Service, Tire Repair and Road Side Assistance Mulberry grove IL

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Towing, Road Service, Tire Repair and Road Side Assistance Mulberry grove IL

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  1. Welcome To Elliott Truck And Tire

  2. About Us • We have courteous and helpful employees who are always happy and ready to assist you. We are highly skilled and are knowledgeable in everything about tires and wheels. You get highly personalized service and the best prices in the tire industry. • Elliott Truck And Tire[ offers a wide variety of products and services for almost any type of vehicle. We also carry a wide variety of used tires. • We have been helping people drive safely by providing only superior quality tires at affordable prices. • At Elliott Truck And Tire, we will take care of all your tire needs. We will work with you to give you what you want. 888-888-8888

  3. NEW & USED TIRES • We specialize in: • Tires • Sell Tires – New and Used • Repair Tires • New and Used Wheels • We have the experience provide good service and offer a wide selection of inventory. We will help you decide if new or used tires are best for your needs. We offer many different name brand tires as part of our inventory. • We will also help you choose the best used tires for your vehicle as well as your budget. • Finding an experienced company that sells new and used tires can help you save money. However, it is important that you know the company has quality used tires for your vehicle.

  4. FLAT TIRE & PUNCTURE REPAIR • A flat tire repair is generally caused by any sharp object left on the road but the most common are small nails and screws that puncture the tire. • A flat tire repair is an inconvenience to any driver but more important, it may put the driver and passengers of the vehicle in danger. So, in the event that your tire is punctured, pull off to the side of the road and change your tire – if conditions permit. • If you cannot do this or if you don't have a spare, call for assistance. • You have to remember one very important thing. NEVER DRIVE ON A FLAT TIRE! Doing so can cause irreparable damage to your tire and wheel rim • . • Bring your flat tire to Elliott Truck And Tire and we will evaluate it and repair the damage.

  5. TIRE CARE • Measure Tire Pressure: • Tire pressure should be checked once a month. • Do not use the number marked on the tire to determine proper pressure. This refers to the maximum tire pressure to carry the tire's maximum load. • Tires tend to lose about 2 PSI per month. Check the pressure when the tire is cold. Wait at least 3 hours after driving. Under inflated tires tend to run hotter due to sidewall flexing. Over time this will weaken the tire and can lead to tire failure. • Tire Rotation: • We recommend rotating your tires every 3,000-5,000 miles. Proper tire rotation practices will prolong the life of your tires, and improve traction and handling.

  6. Contact Us 619 S Berry St, Mulberry grove, IL , 62262 Phone: 888-888-8888