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Brief Introduction: Cambodia

Brief Introduction: Cambodia. Images of Cambodia. Images of Cambodia. Spiritual/Mythical place of Ancient Civilization  Tourism

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Brief Introduction: Cambodia

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  1. Brief Introduction: Cambodia

  2. Images of Cambodia

  3. Images of Cambodia • Spiritual/Mythical place of Ancient Civilization  Tourism • Killing Field (1/5 of population death during the Khmer Rouge Revolutionary Periods 1975-9 – 1.5 millions)  Genocide and Diaspora  Poverty and Political Movement and Justice (2006 Tribunal)

  4. Pre-colonial/Colonial Cambodia • Ancient Civilization: Rice/ Mekong River + Delta – Fertile Land • Funan + Chenla (3rd-5th century) • Khmer (ethnic) empire: 9th-13th  Angkor Wat (Hinduism from Java) • 15th Thai Domination: Caught between Thai – Vietnam Empire as Vassal State (Resons: internal rebellion, economic maintanance, Theravada Buddhism) • 1863 King Narodom saught protection from France  Part of French Indochina

  5. Post Colonial Turmoil (1) • 1953: Independence + Constitutional Monarchy : King Sihanouk (King/Prince/Prime Minister) • Context: Cold War – Vietnam War • Neutrality Policy broken down  Pro US Coup by Gen Lon Non • Sihanouk realigned with Khmer Rouge Rebel (Not-Pro Vietnam Communist Group based in Rural/Poor Area) • US Bombing  more support to KR  Capture Phnom Penh 1975

  6. Post Colonial Turmoil (2) • The Democratic Kampuchea (75-79): The Pol Pot Regime + Refugee • Vietnamese Occupation and People’s Republic of Kampuchea (79-89) • UNTAC 1991 (United Nation Transition Authority in Cambodia)  Election 1993 • FUNCEPEC and Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) • 1999 – ASEAN + UN • 2006 – Tribunal in Phnom Penh to indict leaders of KR

  7. Challenges • Rebuilding Cambodia • Politics and Poverty • Corruption and Preemptive Coup • Spiritual and Modern World

  8. References • Chandler, D. (2008). A History of Cambodia. Boulder, CO, Westview Press. • Kingsbury, D. (2005). South-East Asia: A Political Profile. Melbourn, Oxford University Press.

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