welcome to the valencia community college nursing program n.
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  2. Welcome to the Nursing Program:Dr. Louise PittsDean of Health Sciences

  3. Overview of Nursing Program:Professor Patricia WoodberyNursing Program Director

  4. Nursing 1 Registration:Ms. Molly MorrowNursing Outreach Coordinator

  5. NURSING FACULTY:Course Leader Professor Susan Stone Section RED Faculty:Professors Manny Ramos & Ruby AlvarezSection SILVER Faculty:Professors Linnetta Neal & TBAOsceola CampusSection GOLD Faculty:Professors Mary Ann Gagen & June MairNursing Arts Lab Supervisor Professor Rita SwansonOsceola Nursing Arts Lab SupervisorMr. Fred Klausegger , RNNursing Lab InstructorMs. Maggie Hayes, RN, BSNMs. Lisa Wiese, RN, MSNMs. Lorrie Sablad, RN, MSN

  6. Uniforms/Lab Coats Student Name Pins Purchase at West Campus Bookstore) Payment for Classes First Day of Class Health Status Report Copy for yourself/ Immunization Information Copy for yourself FIT TEST Copy for yourself CPR – Copy of card for yourself Deadline Dates (Lavender Form)(Turn in all forms to HSB Room 200)

  7. Textbook List (Blue Form) Please purchase your textbooks (including your lab kit) at the West Campus Bookstore or the Osceola Bookstore, whichever campus at which you are registered.

  8. ATLAS GROUP • You will automatically be in a Nursing ATLAS Group. Please check it daily for announcements prior to the start of the Summer session….after the semester begins, all correspondence will be in WEB CT. Miss Morrow has already been sending you messages in the Nursing ATLAS Group.

  9. Nursing 1 WEBSITE • Go to Valencia Home Page and click on Kovalsky under faculty websites. • DO NOT DOWNLOAD POWER POINT OUTLINES until they are updated!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Welcome to Nursing 1 Web-Enhanced CourseWe will have an orientation in the Computer Lab on the first day of class: Monday, January 8

  11. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - What do I wear to class each day? • A - Professional attire.. Jeans are okay; no halter tops or belly shirts!!! If it is a Return Demo Day, then you wear your Community Uniform with your Lab Coat.

  12. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - What is the Community Uniform? • A - Khaki pants and the Valencia Nursing Navy Polo Shirt. Sometimes a lab coat is worn over this outfit. The lab coat should have a Valencia patch on the LEFT sleeve. • Q – When do I wear the Community Uniform? • A –You wear it for your Return Demos in the Nursing Arts Lab, and at other times as designated by the faculty.

  13. FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - Do I need to purchase a Nursing Uniform? • A – Yes. You will be having a clinical day beginning some time in the Spring semester. Uniforms purchase today will be distributed in January at your respective campus.

  14. Tuesday bunch

  15. Wednesday pumpkins

  16. Anita Kovalsky,Assistant Nursing Program DirectorIMMUNIZATION INFORMATIONDeadline is December 8!!!(White Form) • Health Status Report- Physical within one year of entering Nursing Program • Hepatitis Series of 3 injections (you may sign a waiver if you are refusing it) • Tetanus (within past 10 years) • MMR Vaccine (2 vaccines if 1st birthday is after 1957) • Varicella vaccine OR Varicella Titer OR history of having chickenpox • PPD (for tuberculosis) note this must be kept current throughout the time you are in the Nursing Program…it is required yearly;

  17. FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - When is the Health Status Report due? • A - It’s due December 8th!!!. It should be within one year of entry into the program on the official form. • Q - What immunizations are due? • A -. These are also due by December 8th!!!!!!

  18. What about the PPD? • PPD (for tuberculosis) should be done and read with 48-72 hours of when it was planted. • Please note: this must be kept current throughout the time you are in the Nursing Program…it is required yearly; • If you received BCG vaccine in another country, you must submit a Chest X-Ray report, done within the past 5 years, which reads as normal. You should also submit yearly the Tuberculosis symptom form.

  19. What about the MMR? • You must show documentation of 2 MMR vaccines OR have a POSITIVE MMR Titer if 1st birthday is AFTER 1957

  20. What about the Varicella? • You must show documentation of 2 Varicella vaccines OR have a POSITIVE Varicella titer OR submit a document stating what year you had the chickenpox.

  21. What about the Tetanus? • You must show documentation of a tetanus shot with the past 10 years.

  22. FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. Q - What is a FIT Test? A - It’s a measurement for a special mask worn when caring for patients who have organisms transmitted via the airborne route. It is due by December 8th!!! Q - I already had a FIT Test where I work. Is that okay? A - Yes, Just bring in a copy of the paper work.

  23. FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - What is the deadline for having my CPR done? Which course is acceptable? • A – By December 8!!! The course that you take should include adult 1 & 2 man, child and infant CPR for Health Care Workers . If you already have a CPR card, that’s okay. You need to keep this current while you are in the Nursing Program. Students who do not have a current CPR will not be permitted to go to clinical!!!

  24. FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - Where do I turn in the paperwork for Health Forms, CPR, FIT Test, etc? • A - Bring it to the Health Sciences Offices (HSB) Room 200. Do NOT have your physician, ARNP, or PA mail in the forms, as we usually never receive them. MAKE A COPY OF EVERYTHING THAT YOU TURN IN FOR YOUR OWN FILES!!!!!! • Q - What if I change my name, address, or phone number while in the Nursing Program? • A - Go to the Health Sciences Office, HSB Room 200 and tell Miss Angela Lawrence.

  25. FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - What are Volunteer Hours, and how many do I need? • A - You will need a total of 24 Community Service hours while in the Nursing Program. The suggested number of hours for the first semester is 6 hours in a service that is Health Related. • Q – How do I find out about Volunteer Activities? • A – Valencia staff from Student Development will discuss that later in the program.

  26. FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS……. • Q - Will this Orientation EVER be over? • A - Yes, we are almost finished!!!!!

  27. Ms. Rita Swanson, RN, BSNNursing Arts Lab Supervisor • Overview of Nursing Lab • Professional Dress • Lab Kit • Peer Tutors

  28. “What You Need to Know!!!!” (Advice from Nursing 1 Students)

  29. Victor ColazzoDirector of Student DevelopmentMelissa Cruz Peer Educator/Coordinator “Become One of Our Shining Stars”

  30. VNSA Students • Membership • Community Service

  31. ?????QUESTIONS?????