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Museum Entrance

Museum Entrance

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Museum Entrance

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  1. Welcome to the Museum of Holocaust Survivors Room Five Museum Entrance Room Two Room Three Room One Room Four DIRECTORY: Room 1: Auerbacher – Brauman Room 2: Feldhorn – Kernberg Room 3: Klein – Mordehay Room 4: Moses – Scheps Room 5: Sieger - Wolff Children of the Holocaust (

  2. Auerbacher - Brauman Room 1 Return to Entry

  3. Feldhorn - Kernberg Room 2 Return to Entry

  4. Klein - Mordehay Room 3 Return to Entry

  5. Moses - Scheps Room 4 Return to Entry

  6. Sieger - Wolff Room 5 Return to Entry

  7. Inge Auerbacher • In 1941 her grandmother was murdered in Latvia. • On August 22,1942 they were forced to leave everything behind and move to a Ghetto in Czechoslovakia. Return to Exhibit

  8. Lia Borak Lias father lost much of his money before the war. Lia had a twin sister named Mia and they were fraternal twins. Return to Exhibit

  9. Isac Brauman Isac was only four years old no body knows what had happened to Isac He was the youngest son of Ana and Abram Braumen Isac was born in 1937 in Liepaja,Lativia on the shores of the Baltic Sea Return to Exhibit

  10. Isi Brauman He has a brother call Isaac brauman They all lived in Liepaja ,Latvia on the shore of Baltic sea Isi’s parents are Ana and Abram Brauman Return to Exhibit

  11. Augusta Feldhorn Augusta, the only daughter of margarete [krigs man and julius Feldhorn was born in vienna Austria.Her farther,originally an accountant, had eastablished his own mens’hat factory,inventing most of the machinery himself. Augusta feldhorn was born at germans invaded belguim in may. 1940 Return to Exhibit

  12. Ebi Gruenblatt Ebi Gruenblatt • She was 17-18 years old during the Holocaust. • The daughter of Morris and Margit Gruenblatt. • In June , Ebi and her mother , passing as sisters , were sent to the Plaszow labor camp near Cracow Return to Exhibit • She lives in Nyirmihalydi , Hungary

  13. Samuel Hiller Before the war Samuel’s mother was a saleslady and his father was a merchant. Return to Exhibit

  14. Oswald was 9 years old when the Germans annexed Austria in 1938. He was sent to a home in unoccupied France, in 1940, leaving his family behind. Oswald Kernberg Oswald Kernberg was born in Vienna, Austria on October 19th, 1929. Kernberg joined a transport of 100 children to the U.S. in 1941. He received a written letter from his parents after his 13th birthday in 1942, right before they were sent to Poland and murdered. Oswald was one of the few children to survive the Holocaust. Return to Exhibit

  15. Lilly Klein She had 7 siblings She was born in Mateszalka, Hungary Lilly was 17 years old during the Holocaust In April, 1945, camp was liberated and Lilly was barely alive At the end of June Lilly was sent to a death camp but could not get through because the tracks were bombed and instead was sent to a concentration camp in Austria Lilly and her family were herded into a sealed-off ghetto and were kept there for 2 months Return to Exhibit At the concentration camp she was forced to work until she was exhausted

  16. Tsila Marcus Her father and sister were murdered when Nazis raided her house. Her mother was assigned to work for the mayor. There, she met a German bookkeeper who wanted to protect her and Tsila. Tsila and her mother dressed as peasants to escape a ghetto. Tsila was abandoned for a month in the woods and lived on grass. Then she was found by partisans. She had moss in her hair and had become mute. She was 2 years old during the Holocaust Tsila survived. Return to Exhibit

  17. Nissim Mordehay • He was tutored with his 5 year old sister Lida by their cousin. • His family owned a large store that sold clothes and textiles. • The store that his family owned was so big , the town jail was located in their basement. Return to Exhibit

  18. Lida Mordehay were the bombing happened and were she lived she died in bombing and she helped people she gave money to the poor. Return to Exhibit

  19. Ruth Moses Ruth and her parents were deported to a sealed off ghetto. The ghetto didn’t give her too much food and they didn’t play it was cruel. Return to Exhibit She was a child of Berta and Hugo.

  20. Magda Mozes When Transylvania was being taken over by Hungary Magda and her family were herded into a brickyard for three weeks. Magda was 17 and was a slave at the time. She tried to stay with her mother but camp guards broke her shoulder and collar bone. Return to Exhibit

  21. Samuel Oliner • Samuels dad moved away and remarried, leaving him with his maternal grandparents. • In July 1942 Jewish people in rural villages were forced to move into Ghettos. • August 14,1942 Germans rounded up the remaining residents of the Ghettos and murdered them. • Samuel managed by a combination of luck, wits, and his looks to escape death. • The Germans and their collaborators murdered 1.5 million Jewish children during the Holocaust. Return to Exhibit

  22. Frida Scheps In 1940 the Nazis invaded 1942 the Germans began rounding up Jews and shipping them to various death camps in Poland. She forgot her Jewish roots 2 years after she got captured. Her mother would send her packages and letters everyday. One day her mother stopped and Frida knew her mom was captured by the Nazis. At the age of nine she was freed from the Nazis and the death camp and soon she was reunited with her father. Her mom was killed before the war ended. Return to Exhibit

  23. Reyna Sieger Reyna Sieger was a 3 year old who survived the holocost ,but was not found afterwords. Reyna is probably 77 years old, dead or alive. Reyna lived in Krakow, Poland and born on October 10, 1936. It took until March 1943 until all of were lived or did live, was abandoned and taken over by Nazis. Everyone who lived in Krakow , was sent to Belzec and Auschwitz Death Camps. Everything else about Reyna Sieger is all but a mystery. Return to Exhibit

  24. Gabriele Silten Gabriele made friends her own age in kindergarten and attended Dutch. Her family was weak and poor in health. After Hitler came into power in Germany, life for Jews became increasingly difficult. Gabriele and her family were sent to the Westernbork transit camp. Prisoners at the Theresienstadt was generally transported to other camps in Poland, where they were murdered. Return to Exhibit

  25. Natus Weissblatt Warsaw ,Poland His fate is unknown Return to Exhibit Over one and a half million Jewish children where killed by German ,soldiers .

  26. Doris Wohlfarth She was 7 years old during the holocaust With the help of the Dutch resistance, Doris's parents were able to place Doris with a childless Dutch couple When Doris was a little girl her mother was sent into labor camp and her dad was killed Return to Exhibit

  27. Renate Wolff Renate the older daughter of George and Lill. No one knows what happened to Renate and her family. Return to Exhibit