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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan PowerPoint Presentation
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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan

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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan

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  1. 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018 28th APEC Transportation Working Group Meeting Vancouver, Canada 5-8 September 2006 2006/TPT-WG-28 IEG handout Major Action relating to ITS for Vehicle in Japan Major Action relating to ITS for Vehicle In Japan Purpose: Information Submitted by: Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan

  2. 2006/TPT-WG-28 IEG handout Major Action relating to ITS for Vehicle in Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  3. ITS for Vehicle in Japan Comprehensive transport information system at the time of disasterWe are planning to create comprehensive transport information system to take precaution against large-scale disasters. When disaster happened, the new system would rapidly collect traffic and operation information from public transportations such as railway, bus, airplane, and ship, and transfer efficient transport information via many kinds of media like internet (see Appendix 1). Advanced Safety VehicleASV technologies increase the intelligence level of motor vehicles, and seek to significantly improve safety and convenience through new electronics technologies. If various ASV technologies are developed and installed in all vehicles, the present number of serious traffic accidents will be reduced by about 40% (see Appendix 2). Public Transportation Guidance SystemThis system provides information about the current status of public transportation services. This information is available on computer terminals at home, at office, and at station, and other public locations, as well as via cell phone. Electronic displays at bus stops provide a variety of information, such as arrival times of buses, their occupancy status and connections to other public transportation, as well as weather and news. (see Appendix 3). Smart PlateA Smart Plate is an automobile license plate equipped with an IC chip that stores information such as a license number and car specifications. A Smart Plate communicates with roadside units (antennas) to inform what type of vehicle is passing. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is planning to introduce the Smart Plate system as an infrastructure that enables electronic identification of cars in a bid to realize a new motorized society (see Appendix 4).. Taxi GPS-AMV SystemGlobal Positioning System (GPS) and Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System (AVM), which are put to practical use at the taxi dispatch center, make transport efficient and smooth by grasping the real-time taxi location, occupation status and destination. Safe and Effective truck transportITS gathers information related to truck status and traffic conditions for truck companies. Such information improves operation management including pickup, delivery, and transshipment. By using digital operation recording devices, for example, safer transport operation is ensured. Efficient, consistent, and complex cargo transportation is supported by management employing ID tags containing an embedded IC chip and other means. 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  4. APPENDIX 1 Rail- way Bus Avia- tion Ship Comprehensive Transport Information System at the time of Disaster -As a suitable counter measures against disasters, it is necessary to grasp the newest operation information on public transportation facility rapidly and correctly at the time of a large-scale disaster. -Therefore, the government created the new transport information system with the cooperation of public transportation companies. -People can see timely updated transport information via internet, TV, and other networks Current situation MLIT,Japan Lack of rapid and accurate transport information at the time of disasters due to no comprehensive system report Government Creation of the new system for comprehensive transport information in case of disaster utilize measures for dealing with disasters and emergencies Transport information offered by each transport company is limited in terms of comprehensivene-ss and rapidity information - network -Mass media information informatioin 〔Homepage〕 〔mobile, TV etc〕 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  5. APPENDIX 2 ASV(1) ◆Main objective: Promotion of ASV ASV project is being promoted through the mutual cooperation of governments ( National Police Agency, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) ,academia and private companies since 1991. <What is Advanced Safety Vehicle ?> ASV is an intelligent vehicle which enhances safety and convenience with emerging electronic technologies. ASV technologies assist a driver in driving safely using the information on traffic and road surface conditions received by sensors and communication systems. For example, ASV technologies, ●Detect and report obstacles in advance ●Report unusual situation that a driver is not able to notice ●Assist a driver in avoiding risks 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  6. APPENDIX 2 ASV(2) ASV project has been carried out for over 10 years. From FY 2006, full-dress promotion of Autonomousdriving-assistance-system as well as putting driving-assistance-system utilizing communication technology to practical use are our goal. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 1991-1995 1996-2000 2001-2005 Examination of Technological Potentialities Research and Development For Practical Use Promotion of Wide Usage ・Provision of information with users ・Incentive measure ・Enlargementsocial acceptance ・Analysis of effectiveness ・Nineteen ASV vehicles run for demonstrations and technology exhibitions. ・Setting of development goal ・Examination of effectiveness in accident reduction ・Thirty-five ASV vehicles run demonstrations and technology exhibitions. ・Review of design principles ・Establishment of design guidelines ・Examination of effectiveness in accident reduction New Technology of Development ・Advancement of Autonomous safety technologies ・Development of technology for utilizing communication technology 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  7. APPENDIX 2 ASV(3) Trial vehicles for Japanese manufactures 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  8. APPENDIX 3 Promotion of informationization in public transportation field(1) Wider installation of a bus location system The purpose of this system introduction is aiming at the improvement of convenience in public transport. ●The bus location system can ease frustration of passengers waiting for a bus. ●Standard date format also developed in order to collectively provide bus location information of multiple bus operators as well as real time transfer information ・To make commutation easier by bus. ・To make it easier to transfer between buses and trains. 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  9. APPENDIX 3 ICCARD CARD CARD Promotion of informationization in public transportation field(2) Common IC card Common IC cards are being introduced between buses and trains in wide area. This IC card system enables passengers to transfer easily. Information on transfer between different buses and trains is available on computer terminals in home as well as via cellular phone. Just place IC card on reader The purchase of a card Usable between operators IC card reading equipment Usable for train バ  ス Bus Train 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018

  10. APPENDIX 4 客待ちタクシーによる渋滞の緩和 Electronization of a license plate(smart plate) ○A Smart Plate is a license plate equipped with an IC chip that stores information including a license number. ○A Smart Plate can make wireless communication with roadside antennas so that the vehicle attached with the plate can be identified. ○ A Smart Plate can make road transport advance through electronic identification of vehicles. Inspection A Smart Plate is expected to be greatly effective in solving problems such as traffic congestion and environmental problems. Detection of Emission Checking transport of Industrial waste Road safety management Detection of forged number plate Mitigation of traffic congestion 2006/TPT-WG-28/IEG/018