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Technology in the Faculty of Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology in the Faculty of Education

Technology in the Faculty of Education

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Technology in the Faculty of Education

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  1. Technology in the Faculty of Education Division of Technology in Education and Technology Professional Development

  2. The Division of Technology in Education

  3. DTE Mandate • The Division of Technology in Education (DTE) is dedicated to providing the best possible instructional technology services in support of the instructional and research activities of the Faculty of Education.

  4. DTE Instructional Support • DTE staff are available to discuss ways in which they might assist in instructional processes related to: • individualized instruction • computer-based instruction • distance education • use of the Internet • other applications of technology in instruction

  5. DTE Research Support • DTE staff contribute to the research projects within the Faculty of Education. • From the selection of equipment for grants to assistance in the application process is provided by DTE.

  6. DTE Technical Support • Macintosh and Windows desktop computer support • Design and maintenance of the faculty network • File and web server administration • Database development and administration • Disk backup of data on faculty servers and departmental administrative systems • Staff computer training

  7. Desktop Support Services • Evaluating user’s needs as they relate to the purchase of new hardware and software. • Analyzing and making recommendations for the purchase of computer equipment. • Equipment configuration • Computer testing • Technical support

  8. Server Administration Services • DTE maintains a number of server-based systems that provide a variety of computing services for the Faculty: • A faculty file server • 4 World Wide Web servers • An FTP server

  9. DTE Contact Information • Division of Technology in Education • 3-104 Education NorthUniversity of AlbertaEdmonton, AlbertaCanada T6G 2G5 • Phone: (780) 492-3667Fax: (780) 492-3179

  10. Instructional Resource Services • The Instructional Resource Services (IRS) section responds to requests for: • Audiovisual, television and computer equipment • Learning resources contained in the Faculty of Education's professional collection

  11. IRS Availability of Services • Service is provided to all members of the teaching staff and to Education students for use in courses offered by the Faculty of Education.

  12. IRS Services • Laser printing (black/white and color) • Photocopying (black/white and color) • Macintosh and PC computer labs for student and staff use • Video duplicating and editing • Audio duplicating and editing • Equipment loans

  13. Equipment Available from IRS • Projectors • Projection screens • Cassette recorders • Stereos • Transcribing equipment • Televisions • VCRs/DVD/ laser disk players • Video cameras • Tripods • Mobile computer units

  14. IRS Contact Information • Instructional Resource Services • B-111 Ed North492-3993 • Adam ReymonManager492-5433

  15. Videoconferencing Facilities • The videoconferencing suite is open to all faculty members and staff on campus for research and educational purposes. • Uses high-resolution video and audio • Uses most common internet and telephone conferencing protocols • Includes a number of other technology tools for collaboration across a distance

  16. Videoconferencing Contact • Cyberport Videoconferencing Facility • Pat Routledge 3-104 Education North • 492-3667 x 211

  17. Technology Professional Development

  18. Technology Professional Development • The Faculty of Education provides resource personnel and materials devoted to technology professional development (Tech PD) in the areas of teaching, research, administration, or other professional activities.

  19. Tech PD Services • A Technology PD facilitator is available to advise any Education staff member on the facilitation of the integration of technology by discussing ideas, investigating possible solutions, identifying or creating resources, and providing ongoing training and support.

  20. Technology Introduction • Technology professional development will provide a technology introduction to new faculty members, graduate instructors and sessional instructors.

  21. Mobile Lab • Our mobile lab units can be signed out by any Faculty of Education instructor for use in Education classes.

  22. Mobile Lab Equipment • Our mobile lab inventory includes: • 70 Mac iBooks • 6 PowerBooks • 24 Toshiba Tablet PCs • Printers, projectors, & additional equipment

  23. Additional Lab Equipment • Digital microscope • Lego robotic kits • Digital still cameras • Digital video cameras • External hard drives • A scanner • A MIDI music keyboard • Vernier science probeware (temperature, conductivity, motion, pH, EKG, etc.) • Webcams (Apple iSight or Logitech QuickCam Orbit) • Smart Sympodium™ (portable touch based lectern)

  24. Mobile Lab Support • All mobile lab bookings and/or equipment bookings come with a trained TA to assist you during your class.

  25. Computer and Media Equipment • Tech PD has a number of computers in our “fishbowl” lab that support specific research tasks, including: • Qualitative research analysis (Noldus Observer™) • Video and audio analysis (full video and audio editing suites available).

  26. Web CT Vista • One of our primary areas of support is in assisting instructors to create interactive course websites within our campus learning management system – WebCT Vista. • We offer a number of methods of support: • One-on-one instruction and support • Group instruction (seminars) • Classroom orientations (for your students)

  27. Software Support • Rather than making software work (that’s the DTE’s role), we can help make your software work for you! • Tech PD can provide: • Operating system tutorials • Software tutorials • One-on-one software support and training • Small group sessions • Classroom seminars

  28. Technology Integration • At Tech PD, we can work with you to integrate technology into your education courses. Some examples of these types of activities include: • Using and creating web quests – Higher order Internet activities for your students to use in the classroom. • Using Inspiration™ -Concept mapping software available to all teachers in the province of Alberta.

  29. Tech PD Contact Information • JoAnne Davies3-104 Education North(780) 492-3667 ext. • Raj Boora3-104 Education North(780) 492-3667 ext. • Kim Peacock3-104 Education North(780) 492-3667 ext.