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Nevada Graduated Driver License PowerPoint Presentation
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Nevada Graduated Driver License

Nevada Graduated Driver License

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Nevada Graduated Driver License

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  1. Nevada Graduated Driver License NV Driver Education Curriculum Unit 1: Driver Responsibility and Licensing Presentation 3 of 4

  2. Before we begin...Let’s Talk About It Share your thoughts with a partner. Take 60 seconds to discuss: Should teen drivers have restrictions placed upon them? Why or Why not?

  3. Young Drivers Novice drivers have higher crash rates • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens (more than 1 out of every 3 teen deaths) • Crash risk is most high during the 1st year of driving • In 2008, nine (9) teens ages 16-19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries • Death rate for teenmales is almost twice that of females Over half the teens who died in crashes had teen drivers. Two-thirds weren’t wearing safety belts.

  4. Driver Education Course Driver Education is governed by the state • Must be 15 years old to enroll • Minimum 30 hours of classroom instruction (may take online) • Public (at local school) or Private (pay 3rd party) Some courses may include behind the wheel and classroom instruction • If class unavailable in rural area, requires addition driving experience hours in lieu of coursework NOT required for instruction permit, yet NEEDED for getting a license

  5. Nevada Teen Drivers • Driving is a privilegebestowed upon you by your state • Nevada DMV has created a handbook and guide to help teens prepare for this important milestone • Learn laws and expectations • Practice driving skills It’s up to you to drive safely and buckle up! Driving log inside

  6. NV Minor Driver’s License • Vertical format • Issued to those under 21 years of age • If under 18, will feature red banner “UNDER 18 UNTIL” with date of 18th birthday • Back has barcode

  7. Parental Rights & Responsibilities Parents/guardians may request cancellation of a license at any time until the driver turns 18. Parents/guardians who knowing and willfully allow an underage driver to drive without a license or drive in violation of any teen driving laws are held responsible for all fines and/or fees for citation or accidents. Cancelled

  8. NV Signed Affidavit Your underage license may be… • Suspended or revoked if under the influence of alcohol or drugs (blood alcohol level of 0.02) • Suspended up to two (2) years • Graffiti or defacing property • Criminal activity involving alcohol or drugs • Suspended or issuance delay for: • Firearms • Habitual truancy • Speed contests

  9. Implied Consent Laws All states have enacted the implied consent law • A person driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle is deemed to have givenconsent to breath or blood testing. • Law enforcement may use reasonable force to obtain blood sample • Refusal is grounds for an arrest

  10. NV DMV Permit Video See Nevada DMV video Teen Drivers – Part 1 Getting Your Permit & License (7:55) • Click on web address to access video clips • *Suggest full screen viewing • NOTE: Some on - Check access

  11. Graduated Driver License (GDL) • Graduated driving license (GDL) laws allow licensure of inexperienced teen drivers • Requires young drivers to progress through a series of licensing stages • GDL are used around the nation and world • Attempt to reduce the number of accidents involving new drivers Research shows that, it takes a new driver about five years to develop the driving ability demonstrated by an ‘average’ driver.

  12. Nevada GDL Three (3) stages of the Nevada graduated driver license Instruction Permit 6-12 months Age 15 ½ Restricted License 6-24 months Ages 16-18 Full Privilege License Age 18

  13. Stage 1: Instruction Permit 1st Step • Be at least 15 ½ years old • Pass the vision and written (knowledge) test • Parent/guardian sign for financial responsibility • May REVOKE at any time while under 18 years old • Valid for one year • If expires must re-apply and have parent sign again • If beyond 30 days of expiration, will have to re-take written exam

  14. Permit Requirements • Must be accompanied by licensed driver over 21 years of age at all times • With at least one year of licensed experience • Seated beside you Time to gain experience & skills

  15. Practice Driving • Practice driving in a wide variety of traffic situations and road conditions: • Day and night • City and rural • Freeway or expressway • Hazardous weather • New situations bring new learning experiences Develop safe driving habits

  16. Use IPDE & Zone Control IPDE is an organized system for seeing, thinking, and responding to traffic • Identify important information in the current driving situation • Predict when and where possible points of conflict may develop • Decide when, where, and how to communicate, adjust speed, and/or change positions to avoid conflict • Execute the correct action(s) to prevent conflict Use Zone Control for managing space around your car

  17. Developing Good Driving Skills • Driving is primarily a decision-making process • Use IPDE and Zone Control to become a low-risk driver • Your maturity, emotions, and attitude affect your driving • You need to know your limits and your vehicle’s

  18. NVDMV Skills Test Video See Nevada DMV video Teen Drivers – Part 2 Driving Skills Test (6:42) • Click on web address to access video clips • *Suggest full screen viewing • NOTE: Some on - Check access

  19. Stage 2: Restricted License • At least 16 years old, through age 18 • Held an Instruction Permit for at least 6 months • Pass driving skills test • Certificate of Completion of Driver Education • Log 50 hours of driving • 10 hours must be during the night • No moving violations, accidents, or drug/alcohol conviction within the last 6 months

  20. Provisions of Restricted License Enforced until driver turns 18 • Cannot transport any passengers (except family)under age of 18 for first 6 months • May not drive between the hours of 10pm – 5am • Unless traveling to/from scheduled event (work or school function) • Parent/guardian may REVOKE at any time while under 18 years old

  21. Stage 3: Full Driver’s License • Age 18 • Unrestricted license • Financially responsible for own actions

  22. Remember No driving program can teach you everything you will need to know to be a safe driver. The best drivers never stop learning!

  23. Passengers Statistics show that 16- and 17-year-old driver deathrates increaseswith each additional passenger

  24. AND… Buckle Up Speak Up Final Thoughts Reckless driving is the #1 killer of 15-20 year olds. Over 60% of teen passenger deaths occur when another teen is driving It’s pretty simple, really…if you’re riding with friends and you don’t feel safe, you need to speak up. Speaking up could save your life.

  25. Test Your Knowledge When you see this sign you should: • Drive the speed limit. • Stop at the rest area ahead if you are tired. • Watch for children. Slow down and be prepared to stop. • Shopping mall nearby.

  26. Test Your Knowledge In Nevada, persons under the age of 21 operating a car with a ____ blood-alcohol level, or higher, are subject to DUI penalties. • 0.00% • 0.02% • 0.04% • 0.08%

  27. Test Your Knowledge To help avoid skidding on slippery surfaces you should: • Step sharply on the brakes to quickly slow down • Aim for low spots in the road • Accelerate quickly • Follow in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you