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  1. MSA DAY Jonathan Ginnish

  2. The Fish Hatchery The Fish Hatchery in South Esk, New Brunswick is where the MVHS Fly Fishing Club and a few students from the Environmental Science 120 class went on May 30th. 2014 from the times of 9 am to 2 pm. The MSA event day was being held there.

  3. Releasing the Fish Before we made our trip to the Fish Hatchery we released our fish from Mr. Hallihans class in the Little South West Miramichi River. They were released under Somer’s bridge.

  4. Other Schools When we got there for around 9am we met up with some other schools. Blackville High, NSER High, St John High and many more schools were there for the event.

  5. David's Glory There were many work shops and challenges there for us to attend and do. The work shops were…. -The basics of fly fishing -How to cast your fishing line -How to cast on a windy day David Murdock even showed the Fly Fishing instructor how to properly cast!

  6. Competitions For competitions there were fly casting and fly tieing. David placed second in the fly casting and Connor received third place. But Erin took home first in fly tieing.

  7. Lunch!!! At around noon all the workshops and competitions were over and done with so we all broke for lunch. Free hotdogs, hamburgers and refreshments were given to the people involved in the event.

  8. The Tour As soon as lunch was over we took a tour of the entire Fish Hatchery and learned how all the fish live while they are being studied.