lifting magnets in a variety of types n.
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Lifting Magnets in a Variety of Types PowerPoint Presentation
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Lifting Magnets in a Variety of Types

Lifting Magnets in a Variety of Types

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Lifting Magnets in a Variety of Types

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  1. Lifting Magnets in a Variety of Types

  2. Going through the specification and details is important to help you in finding what exactly you are looking for. It is important to keep the main points in mind like.

  3. Load and Lifting Capacity – Lifting magnets should purchase by keeping in mind the requirement of load and capacity in mind. Different types of lifting magnets have diverse capacity – ranging from 330 lbs to 4400 lbs and sometimes more.

  4. Such load capacity depends on flat and round loads that include plates, slabs, billets, tubes and more. However, lifting capacity also depends on flat load thickness, surface smoothness, carbon content in steel plate, temperature and other points.

  5. Safe Lifting – It is another important point to consider. Safe lifting is important as these magnets are designed and developed in a sturdy construction with solid handles; while they have a 3:1 safety factor.

  6. They are tested for break off force of every lifting magnet prior to deliver. There are a number of added features of using such high quality and advanced machinery that will surely ease your work to a great level.

  7. Different Types of Lifting Magnets – Choose the Best Range Online Permanent Lifting Magnets are the most essential and important one that comes with a number of added features. Such compact permanent lifting magnets are used for various purposes that include, but not limited to holding, transferring and releasing round or flat ferrous parts without any electrical power supply, simply by rotating its handle from the OFF position to ON.

  8. You can choose magnetic bulk parts lifter – the advanced pick up and transfer ferrous parts that include, but not limited to sheet metal, metal shavings, nails, screws, nuts, Frankford Arsenal tumbler pins, etc. To release the attracted parts, simply pull the T Shaped Release Bar upwards.

  9. How to Place Your Order for Lifting Magnets Depending on your choice and requirement, you can choose the best range of lifting magnets that you can choose according to your requirement. Prices are competitive and backed by discounts; while you can place your order from anywhere and anytime. Customized lifting magnets are also offered.

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