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Camp Zama Photography Club Group Outing PowerPoint Presentation
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Camp Zama Photography Club Group Outing

Camp Zama Photography Club Group Outing

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Camp Zama Photography Club Group Outing

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  1. Camp Zama Photography Club Group Outing MWR Water Polo Tournament Yano Fitness Center, Camp Zama, Japan Saturday, 24 Sept. 2011, 8:30am – 12:00pm

  2. Photography Theme:Sport / Action / Water • Learning event … not a Contest! Goal is to have fun! • What will I learn? Exposure Shutter Speed ISO Filters Aperture CompositionPanning Auto-Focus Lighting Flash White balance Post-Processing • Meet in Yano Fitness Center lobby for orientation. • Sorry, no children without another adult present. • Register with Eric Armstrong by Friday if attending. • Event is accessible to Members with disabilities.

  3. Training before you go! Turn this… … into THIS!

  4. What are the dangers? Humidity is a Monster Wet Conditions & Splashing Slipping into pool or onto deck Tripping on Tripods Getting in the way of the game Safety Tips Let camera get acclimated early Use a towel to keep camera dry Wear shorts / lightweight clothing Wear non-slip shoes Keep alert at all times

  5. How do I set-up my camera? Use Shutter or Program Modes. At least 1/250 or < to stop action. Use good glass (f1.8-f2.8 is best). If f3.5 or <, use Aperture Mode. Use the lowest ISO possible. Set Auto-Focus to Continuous. Use vibration reduction on lenses unless on a tripod. Shoot in burst mode (poss. 1 good). Set White Balance at start (use your hand). Ensure flash synchs with shutter and know how to use it off camera. Charge batteries the night before, and bring extra for the flash.

  6. How do I get “good” pictures? Try to Stop or Pan with the Action. Shoot at low angles vs. from above. Time shots to see subjects face. If moving, give space within frame. Always keep subject in focus. Use breathing skill on trigger. Try to get as close to subject as possible without getting in the way. Fill the frame with your subject or select the best in post-processing. Try to get the ball in the frame. Try to catch interactions among Players, Fans, and Referees. Watch for interesting facial portraits; whether happy or sad.

  7. How do I act at the event? Be professional. We must get permission from the Players to photograph them. Any player not wanting photos taken; honor their wishes. Tripods may not be allowed near the pool deck. Obey the instructions from the referees and officials. Ask before using your Flash; it may be interpreted as a signal. Talk to some of the Players at the start, good rapport is comforting. Don’t shoot Players in compromising positions.

  8. OK, I did it!Now what? Post-Process your photos, or ask for assistance from others in the Club. Select 3 of your best and email them to Be prepared to discuss what you learned at the event that helped you get “The Shot”, and if wanted, ask for improvement suggestions. You now have photo submissions to the All-Army Photo Contest in the “MWR” category, or if digitally altered in the “Digital Darkroom” category. Photos will also be displayed on the Club website with full credit given to the Member.