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Special Advertising Situations

Special Advertising Situations. Chapter 18. Retail Advertising. Accounts for nearly half of all advertising dollars. Retail Advertising Objectives. Retail Advertising Strategies. Utilize Institutional advertising to concentrate on the retail brand over the product brand

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Special Advertising Situations

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  1. Special Advertising Situations Chapter 18

  2. Retail Advertising Accounts for nearly half of all advertising dollars

  3. Retail Advertising Objectives

  4. Retail Advertising Strategies • Utilize Institutional advertising to concentrate on the retail brand over the product brand • Use cooperative advertising to share in advertising costs

  5. Retail Media Retailers use variety of media but tend to prefer • Newspapers • Direct mail

  6. Industrial Advertising

  7. Business Classification • NAICS • North American Industrial Classification System • Revised from SIC code to include Canada and Mexico • System to group organizations according to • Activity performed • Product • Service

  8. NAICS NAICS Title 44-45 Retail Trade 441 Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers 4411 Automobile Dealers 44111 New Car Dealers 44112 Used Car Dealers

  9. Industrial Advertising • Directed toward • OEM’s

  10. Government Advertising • Largest purchaser of industrial goods • Typically advertised in government-targeted publications

  11. Trade/Channel Advertising • Used to persuade distribution channel members to stock the products of the manufacturer

  12. Professional Advertising • Doctors, Lawyers, etc.

  13. Agricultural Advertising • Addresses farmer needs • Animal health products • Seeds • Machinery and equipment • Crop dusting • Fertilizer

  14. B-to-B Buying Behavior • Purchaser objectives • Price • Service • Quality • Assurance of supply

  15. B2B Advertising • Create Awareness • Inform about new products • Persuade brand changing • Create sales leads • Provide inquiry and sales • Reminder - repurchase Mainly used to support the Sales function

  16. B2B Advertising Media • General business and trade publications • Directory advertising • Consumer media • The Web • Direct marketing

  17. Social Marketing • The use of marketing programs and marketing communication tools for the good of society

  18. Cause/Mission Marketing • Adopting a good cause and sponsoring community and fund-raising efforts • Links a company’s mission and core values to a cause

  19. Nonprofit Marketing • Fund-raising • Public communication campaigns

  20. Global Development Levels • International • Multi-National • Globalization

  21. In the global market should products remain as designed or change to fit country? Global Objective: Standardization Local Objective: Adaptation • Economies of scale • Easier IMC • Control over image • Global media • Train buyers to want same products • Better fit with local needs • Faster decisions • Efficient • Less cultural blunders

  22. Discussion Question • Tom and Wendi have just purchased a sandwich shop. They found a good lease in a neighborhood shopping center, but the costs of franchising, leasing, and other charges have left them very little for advertising. • With limited funds, Tom and Wendi can afford only one of the following options: • a Yellow Pages display ad • a series of advertisements in the area’s weekly “shopper” newspaper • advertising in nearby area’s college newspaper • What do you recommend and why?

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