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Top Places To Visit In Florence PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Places To Visit In Florence

Top Places To Visit In Florence

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Top Places To Visit In Florence

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  1. TOP CORNERS Top Places To Visit In Florence BY INSPIUM · PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 · UPDATED SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 Florence is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city has many popular landmarks that attract the tourists from all over the world. There are illustrious palaces, churches, museums and other landmarks. The entire city is the showcase of the Italian Renaissance. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Top Places to visit in Florence The Cathedral complex has groups of buildings along with the Piazza Duomo. There is a bell tower, the cathedral itself and a museum. Some of the world famous masterpieces are maintained such as the work of Michelangelo, Giotto,Ghiberti and others. The fabulous masterpieces of art and architecture of great Italian artists can be viewed here. There are guided tours that take visitors in the cathedral complex. Battistero di San Giovanni

  2. Top Places to visit in Florence This 12th century baptistery, octagonal in shape, is an excellent work of art. It has a marble façade at the exterior and the intricate mosaics in the interior which is worthwhile. The Gates of paradise have exquisite and magnificent bronze panels made by Ghiberti for the doors. There is a museum inside which holds exhibits that are treasures made for the cathedral. Palazzo Vecchio

  3. Top Places to visit in Florence This is a fortress like a palace built in the center of the city. It is this place from where the powerful rulers controlled the administration of the entire region. The powerful Medici family had their offices and apartments which were decorated by the leading artists of that era. There can be a full day tour and the visitors can also enjoy the sunset views of the city by climbing the roof in the evening. Uffizi’s Palace and Gallery

  4. Top Places to visit in Florence The Uffizi’s place is undoubtedly one among the top art museums in the world. The collections are widely vibrant in quality and diversity; one can also appreciate the highlights of the paintings. This vast building along the river was a Medici palace not meant for residence, but intended to house the government offices and scientific studies. The most attractive place being the octagonal Tribuna which displays precious paintings and jewels of Francesco I de’ Medici. Ponte Vecchio

  5. Top Places to visit in Florence This icon of Florence is widely popular. Ponte Vecchio is the bridge built by architect Vasari, linking the two edges of Arno. Medici needed to cross this frequently to visit the palace on one side and the offices at the other. The bridge is adorned by graceful arches and has clusters of shops making it one of the prettiest place in the city. San Lorenzo

  6. Top Places to visit in Florence This was the family, church and the burial chapel of the Royal family, and Medici got the best talent for this. Brunelleschi for the church and Michelangelo for the chapels, after the death of both this artist prior to the completion of the work the work of the church was as per the plan. However, the chapel work known as New Sacristy was never completed after the demise of Michelangelo. Santa Croce

  7. Top Places to visit in Florence Santa Croce is an art-filled church and mausoleum for some of the famous personnel in Florence. There are several pieces of Renaissance art which are treasures such as the work of Donatello “Christ Crucified” is considered the best amongst the other great masterpieces from a number of renowned artists. In the nave, the visitors can also pay their homage to the artists as there are tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo, Ghiberti, Machiavelli and the composer Gioacchino Rossini. SHARE 0 129 0       Tags:Europe italy Places Top Top destinations

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