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Screens and photographs PowerPoint Presentation
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Screens and photographs

Screens and photographs

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Screens and photographs

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  1. Screens and photographs By: Hassan Al-Thani

  2. Task A • Research the different standard dimensions of photographs, What are they, and do they all show the same image?

  3. Does any part of the picture miss out when we make the picture bigger? • When we double size the image that doesn’t mean that the actual image has change the only thing that have change in the image is the size of the length and the width of original image doubled after the change so the double of the image will give us a similar shape of the original image. However when we only double the length and triple the width that will give us a more stretched image of the original and that is a non similar image.

  4. Similar image • A similar image is the same image but they changed the size of it which is the length and the width a similar image is when you make double or triple the length and width when you double the length you have to do the same thing to the width and what ever u do to the width you do to the length or it will be a non similar shape for example if u see the two pictures below see the original size of the picture see the 2.5 cm is the width and 2 cm is the length. When we changed the size of it we doubled each side the length and the width so the 2.5 cm became 5 cm, and the 2 cm became 4 cm so you can see here that each side the length and the width is doubled it could be tripled and that’s also a similar shape. Also if the ratio is the same they are similar shapes if the ratio is not the same they are non similar shape. 5 cm 2.5 cm 4 cm 2 cm

  5. 5 cm Non similar image • A non similar shape is when you double the width and triple the length or double the length and triple the width which is a non similar shape because some of the picture cuts out and doesn’t show as the original image does. For example as u can see the two pictures below I tripled the length and doubled the width the length was 3 cm in the original picture and when I tripled it became 9 cm, the width is 2.5 cm on the original picture but when I doubled it became 5 cm and you can see that these two pictures are not similar to each other some of the picture on the right hand side doesn’t give much details and doesn’t show the same image . Compare it to the picture on the left hand side are they the similar do they give the same details?. No they are not similar because similar shapes are doubled or tripled whatever you do the length u do to the width and whatever you do the width u do the length and similar pictures show the same details but bigger. 9 cm 2.5 cm 3 cm

  6. Five common aspect ratios The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of the width of the image to its height. Photo print sizes have a different aspect ratio for example 4 by 6 print has a aspect ratio of 3:2.

  7. Conclusion • In enlarging or decreasing the size of screens and photographs, its important to keep the proportions equal. I know that because of the five common ratios and because we experiment it. When it’s a similar image nothing from the shape misses out but when the shape is non similar yes some of the picture misses out

  8. Reference/Bibliography • • • • • • Family

  9. Hope you learnt something s about Images