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Advantages Of Wearing Jewelry PowerPoint Presentation
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Advantages Of Wearing Jewelry

Advantages Of Wearing Jewelry

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Advantages Of Wearing Jewelry

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  1. Advantages Of Wearing Jewelry Most of the women love wearing jewelry that decorates them like a beautiful queen. But jewelry is not only good for the looks; it also has other benefits which may be related to health. We think jewelry is available only for looks and to show off. But we never think about its benefits, there are many benefits related to health based on the type of the metal we use and the design we might use and which we buy from steel jewelry wholesale. Yes, even the design or type of ornament can have a positive effect on the health. As most of the designing of the jewelry focuses on the artistic qualities of the jewelry, most ignore the benefits it holds. There are merits attached to each kind of jewelry. Let us look at the advantages and health benefits of the jewelry and find out the actual reason behind the good or positive feeling one gets while wearing these jewelries bought from a steel jewellery wholesaler: Gold Being a natural element and the most expensive one, Gold is really good for the health of whoever is wearing it. You must have seen that whenever a girl or boy is about to get any kind of piercing; he or she is suggested to use gold. Why do you think it is so? It is used or preferred for piercing because Gold heals wound. Pure Gold has the ability to speed up the healing process of any kind of wounds. Gold can help regulate the temperature of the body. It can also boost the immunity of the body. It can be worn in different forms and they are bangles, earrings, bracelets and chains.

  2. Silver Silver makes really beautiful ornaments. But it also has additional advantages and that includes being an effective anti-microbial agent. It is really helpful for handling colds, skin problems and the flu. Even, silver is one of the preferred metals for piercing as you must remember hearing if you cannot arrange or afford Gold for that work then you must go for silver. Silver heals quickly too, or at least it prevents any kind of infection. It can protect from the effects of radiation from devices and can regulate body temperature. It can be worn as eye mask or gloves too. These are best bought from a steel jewellery wholesaler.

  3. Copper Copper can help reduce pain and inflammation of any kind. Copper has anti-inflammation properties. It can be worn as a bracelet or chain or any suitable ornaments and help bear the pain. It is really helpful for people suffering from arthritis. Rings Ring, if worn on the third finger then it can have an inducing effect of massaging with the friction on the vein to the heart, constantly. This friction has an improving health result and also keeps balance on an emotional level. Earrings When earring is worn on the earlobes then it has acupuncture benefits and it elevates qualities like mental focus and intellect. Bangles Bangles have healthy effects on blood circulations and also benefit the energy flow in the body. If the bangles are of gold or silver then it has more positive effects on the body. One can buy the best bangles in bulk from steel jewelry wholesale.