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10 Levels Of Male Celebrities Wearing Jewelry PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Levels Of Male Celebrities Wearing Jewelry

10 Levels Of Male Celebrities Wearing Jewelry

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10 Levels Of Male Celebrities Wearing Jewelry

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  1. FEW LINES.. Jewelry reveals a guy’s style, character and spirit, restrained or flamboyant, classic or casual, easygoing or rebellious. The accessories on your neck, wrists and fingers tell people who you are almost at the first sight.

  2. George Clooney This tough guy is not only famous for his expressionless face, which is insanely good looking, but also his jewelry less dressing style. A fancy wristwatch, plus a pair of sunglasses sometimes, are the only accessories ever spotted on him. 

  3. Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo doesn’t wear jewelry too much, but he can really pull it off when he does, no matter it is a round pendant necklace under his button down shirt or this red string bracelet peeking out from his cuff at the Oscar night.

  4. Brad Pitt He does sometimes wear a simple necklace with or without a same tone bracelet. It is not easy to comment on the outfit of Brad since I can hardly move my sight from his face. Sorry.

  5. Matt Damon For a handsome guy who tends to wear minimalist outfit, jewelry can make its way to be a centre piece. A braided bracelet stacked with a wristwatch in same colour, elegant and masculine at the same time.

  6. David Beckham With one wrist stacked by a chunky sports watch and a pile of beaded bracelets with lucky Chinese money coins, the other nothing, totally broke every rule listed by fashion editors, but totally cool.

  7. Bradley Cooper A silver dog tag necklace goes perfectly with a same colour metal cuff bracelet. And I think this will look good on most guys. So you don’t need to download any eBooks on men’s style. Just Google some of Bradley’s pictures.

  8. Will Smith With his earrings and long pendant necklaces, Will just throws every tips on men’s wearing jewelry into garbage can, and still looks “just really cool”. He is a legend, isn’t he?

  9. Chris Hemsworth Jewelry is an indispensable part of his out fit. Multiple statement rings, long pendant necklaces, stacked bracelets… Too much? Maybe, but not for Chris.

  10. Orlando Bloom Well it is unfair that something most guys are banned from just makes others look awesome. For Orlando, more is more.

  11. Johnny Depp Wearing four safety pin earrings in one ear, Johnny Deep is among “those few shining examples of men granted public permission to adorn themselves with more sparkle than a Vegas showgirl—without jeopardizing their masculinity”, 

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