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Algebra 1-2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Algebra 1-2

Algebra 1-2

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Algebra 1-2

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  1. Algebra 1-2 Syllabus

  2. Proficiency Scale

  3. Grading Scale The line between the C and D indicates the expected minimal level of performance for students. Below the line is not acceptable achievement for students. Students, teachers, schools and parents should expect no less from their students than a C. Below the line means the student did not know the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in further learning.

  4. 1st Semester Units Unit 1 Expressions, Equations and Inequalities Unit 2 Linear Functions & Inequalities In Two Variables Unit 3 Data Analysis

  5. 2nd Semester Units Unit 4 Systems of Equations Unit 5 Exponents Unit 6 Polynomials Unit 7 Quadratics

  6. Formative Assessments(Assignments/In Class Work/Quizzes) Formative Assessments indicate the progression of your understanding of concepts. Use them to identify concepts you are struggling with and need to give more effort to and/or get more help with prior to the Summative Assessment. Assessments will include a variety of written work, verbal discussion, board work, group work and other activities. Assignments will be given almost daily Work/Discussion will be used to assess level of understanding and graded accordingly.

  7. Summative Assessment (Unit Tests) Summative Assessments indicate your understanding of the concepts at the end of each Unit. Assessments will be written and include definitions, true/false, multiple choice, matching and open-ended questions. Level 2 questions assess understanding of the simpler details and processes taught in class. Level 3 questions assess understanding of the more complex ideas and processes taught in class. Level 4 questions assess ability to make inferences and extended applications of what was learned, including connections to other experiences.

  8. Algebra 1-2Materials Needed South High School will provide: Textbook Worksheets Calculators for use in class (Texas Instruments TI-30) You are expected to come prepared with: Notebook and/or paper in folder or binder Pencils and/or pens It is recommended that you also have: Scientific calculator to use outside of class highlighters