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  1. SHORT STORY UNIT TEST REVIEW 9th grade Mrs. Leach

  2. The Most Dangerous Game • 1. What is General Zaroff’s main reason for preferring to hunt humans rather than animals? • A. There is no big game on his island. • B. He hates people. • C. He doesn’t like to kill animals. • D. Hunting men is more of a challenge.

  3. The Most Dangerous Game • 2. Rainsford first realizes that he is going to be the prey when • A. he sees the blood and empty cartridge in the brush. • B. General Zaroff says he hunts game that is more dangerous than Cape Buffalo. • C. General Zaroff says he has invented a new animal to hunt. • D. General Zaroff tells him he can participate in either Ivan’s or the General’s sport.

  4. The Most Dangerous Game • 3. Rainsford’smain conflict in the story is: A. an external conflict with a man. B. an external conflict with nature. • C. an external conflict with animals. D. an internal conflict.

  5. The Most Dangerous Game • 4.Which of the following statements best describes how General Zaroff justifies his hunting of humans? • A. Animal life is more valuable than human life. B. Individual rights are more important than laws. • C. Only the strong desire to survive. D. Human beings are not responsible for one another.

  6. The Most Dangerous Game • 5. The best evidence that General Zaroff is aware of his own viciousness and cruelty is that he: • A. tells Rainsford not to cry while being hunted. B. says that all Cossacks are savage and he is a Cossack. • C. explains how he obtains the men he hunts. D. says that the men he hunts are “scum” and deserve murder.

  7. The Most Dangerous Game • 6. At the beginning of the story, Rainsford says that: • A. animals enjoy being hunted. B. animals are more vicious than man. • C. animals have no feelings. D. animals can defend themselves.

  8. The Gift of the Magi • 7. Della’s decision to sell her hair is provoked by: • A. Her own financial desperation B. Mms. Sofronie’s repeated telephone calls. • C. a casual remark that Jim makes about her hair D. a picture of a “Coney Island Girl.”

  9. The Gift of the Magi • 8. Which of the following refers to an ironic situation in the story? • A. Della has only one dollar and eighty-seven cents. • B. The Dillinghams have a lower weekly income than they used to have. • C. Della does not have use for the gift Jim gives her. • D. Both B. and C.

  10. The Gift of the Magi • 9. We can use inference to show that Jim’s expression upon seeing Della’s hair cut indicates that he: • A. is angry with her for cutting her hair B. is thinking about his present for her. • C. cannot see clearly without his glasses. D. wants the money from the sale of her hair.

  11. The Gift of the Magi • 10. The situation that best illustrates the Dillingham’s financial state is: • A. the gifts Jim and Della buy for each other. B. the kind of city they live in. • C. Della’s dealings with the grocer and butcher. D. the couple’s greetings to each other.

  12. The Cask of Amontillado • 11. Carnivale began in what country? • A. Spain C. Italy • B. America D. South America

  13. The Cask of Amontillado • 12. Who are the two main characters in The Cask of Amontillado? • A. Luchesi and Roma C. Papa Renoldi and Jude • B. Montressor and Fortunato D. Fortunato and Luchesi

  14. The Cask of Amontillado • 13. Edgar Allan Poe’s works are mostly influenced by: • A. His love for killing C. His desire to be a detective. • B. His love for his brother. D. His obsession with death.

  15. The Cask of Amontillado • 14. All of the women in Edgar Allan Poe’s life died of: • A. Tuberculosis C. Strokes • B. Heart attacks D. Car accidents

  16. The Cask of Amontillado • 15. Amontillado is: • A. A clown costume. B. a barrel. • C. a pale sherry . D. the motto of Carnivale.

  17. The Necklace • 16. The Necklace was written by: • A. MathildeLoiselB. Guy de Maupassant • C. Jacque Eiffel D. Sofie de Chopin

  18. The Necklace • 17. Mathilde is envious of the social class and wealth of others because • A. she has never enjoyed either position or wealth • B. her husband is very demanding • C. she was born rich and wants more wealth. D. her former classmate encourages her.

  19. The Necklace • 18. Which of the following reasons most likely explains why the Loisels do not tell Mme. Foresterier that the necklace is lost • A. they fear financial ruin and poverty B. the minister advises M. Loisel not to tell the truth. • C. they do not care what anyone things about them. • D. they are ashamed to admit their carelessness.

  20. The Necklace • 19. Mathilde seems happiest when • A. she recieves an invitation to the reception B. her husband gives her money to buy a dress. • C. she attends and dances at the reception D. Mme. Forestier lets her borrow the necklace.

  21. The Necklace • 20. At the end of the story, it is clear that • A. the Loisels have suffered needlessly B. Mme. Forestier had two diamond necklaces • C. the Loisels soon will become wealthy D. Mme. Forestier will help out the Loisels

  22. The Scarlet Ibis • 21. In the story, the narrator recollects events that happened • A. just before WWII B. the previous summer • C. around the time of WWI D. before he was born

  23. The Scarlet Ibis • 22. The family realizes that Doodle is different from other children: • A. when he dies at such a young age. B. when he is unable to walk • C. when he is so competitive D. as soon as he is born

  24. The Scarlet Ibis • 23. The narrator decides to teach Doodle to walk because • A. He wants to please his parents B. he is ashamed of having a crippled brother • C. Doodle is distressed by his incapacities D. he alone truly cares about Doodle’s welfare.

  25. The Scarlet Ibis • 24. The family first notices the scarlet ibis • A. because it makes a strange croaking sound B. because it is so large and colorful • C. during a terrible storm D. when it builds a nest in the bleeding tree.

  26. The Scarlet Ibis • 25. The same day that Doodle buries the scarlet ibis, he • A. eats peach cobbler at dinner B. accepts his failures • C. dies D. survives a harrowing boating accident.