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The Events That Led Up To The American Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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The Events That Led Up To The American Revolution

The Events That Led Up To The American Revolution

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The Events That Led Up To The American Revolution

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  1. By: Carson Rommel The Events That Led Up To The American Revolution

  2. The Proclamation of 1763 was established by King George III, on October 7, 1763. The proclamation declared that after the French and Indian War, that the colonist would have to stay inside the Appalachian Mountains to be guaranteed safety from the Native Americans. The colonist were very angered especially the new land owners who just bought land west of the mountains. The Proclamation of 1763

  3. The British Parliament established the Sugar Act on April 5, 1764. The Sugar Act lowered tax molasses and 3 cent tax on sugar. The colonist felt with this taxation that their rights as colonist were being violated. James Otis was a lawyer who said, “No taxation without representation.” The Sugar Act

  4. British Parliament introduced these acts in 1765. It taxed all printed materials! Colonist thought it was time to take action. Eventually, Parliament gave in to the demands of the colonist. Stamp Act

  5. It was founded by Sam Adams in the summer of 1765 in Boston. They were founded to protest the Stamp Act. They also burned effigies of hated tax collectors. Sons Of Liberty

  6. They met in March of 1766 There were nine delegates from the colonies and they met in New York City, New York. They drafted a petition to the king and Parliament declaring that the colonies couldn’t be taxed except by their own assemblies. Stamp act congress

  7. Parliament established this act in 1766. It said the British had full control over taxes and decision making in the colonies. The colonist were infuriated. The declaratory act

  8. The British Parliament made these acts in 1767. This took some of the taxes away from the Stamp Act, for which they thought the colonist would be grateful. This taxation taxed imported goods. The colonist were actually outraged to be taxed at all. Townshend Acts

  9. The DOL was founded to support the boycott for British goods. The action they suggested was that everyone was to wear homemade clothing. Daughters of Liberty

  10. The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770, in Boston, Massachusetts. The protestors were provoking the British soldiers due to the amount of job loss, and the British fired upon them killing five colonist. CrispusAttuks was the first death, but Paul Revere decided he would spread the news to all the colonies. The Boston Massacre

  11. Parliament established this in 1773. It allowed all companies to bypass colonist merchants Tea Act

  12. It occurred on midnight of a cold December 16, 1773. The main offenders were the Stamp Act protestors. They all dressed as armed Mohawk Indians and threw 342 barrels of tea overboard. The Boston tea party

  13. They met in September of 1774 in Philadelphia, PA. Three attendees were: John Jay, John Adams and George Washington. They realized they would have to work together. They established that they should boycott British goods and arm themselves against British. Continental coNGress

  14. Quebec Act: Extended Canadian border to cut off western colonies. Administration of Justice Act: Said British Officials couldn’t be tried in the colonies. Quartering Act: The king sent British troops over and colonist had to house and feed them. Massachusetts Government Act: The British Governor was in charge of all town meetings in Boston. Boston Port Bill: The King shut down Boston Harbor except to British ships. Intolerable acts 1774 and 1765

  15. On April 18,1775, the battle of Lexington and Concord occurred. It was known as, “The Shot heard around the world.” Lexington and concord