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‘tis the season for gadget giving

‘tis the season for gadget giving. r eviews of the most popular & affordable gadgets this season. know what you’re getting before you buy. cell phones. tablets. e -readers. t hanks, but no thanks. $99.99. 1. Motorola Droid Maxx.

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‘tis the season for gadget giving

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  1. ‘tis the season for gadget giving reviews of the most popular & affordable gadgets this season

  2. know what you’re getting before you buy cell phones tablets e-readers thanks, but no thanks

  3. $99.99 1. Motorola Droid Maxx The Motorola Droid Maxx delivers a long battery life, a big, colorful screen, and a durable, attractive design. The phone performs inventive tricks such as responding to voice commands, giving screen-based notifications, and launching the camera. Thumbs up: Thumbs down: The Motorola Droid Maxx is expensive.

  4. $249.99 2. Samsung Galaxy Note The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a stunning and massive screen (movie watching anyone?), quad-core processor, and refined S Pen skills. It’s battery life is great, makes clear calls, and takes nice pictures. Thumbs up: It is a bit large and lands on the pricy end. It’s faux-leather styling is from cheap plastic. Thumbs down:

  5. $99.99 3. Samsung Galaxy 4S The Samsung Galaxy 4S runs with Android 4.2.2 with a great camera. Works as a TV/DVR remote. Comfortable in the hand and has a user-replaceable battery, along with a micro SD slot. Thumbs up: Dimmer screen with a cheap plastic look. The power button would turn on at undesirable times. Camera modes didn’t work as promised. Thumbs down:

  6. $74.99 4. HTC One The HTC One has a nice metal design, a 4.7 inch 1080p screen, and a quad-core processor. It run Android, takes good pictures, and has a camera app with a lot of features. Thumbs up: The case is sealed, so no option for any memory expansion or user-replaceable battery. Thumbs down:

  7. $199.99 5. Apple iPhone 5S The iPhone 5s has an improved camera, finger print sensor, and a next-gen CPU and motion-tracking chip. iWork app suite comes with for free. iOS 7 has some nice features like Control Center. Thumbs up: Externally it is identical to the iPhone 5, small screen and all. The fingerprint sensor only works with Apple apps. Might be hard for longtime iPhone users to switch to iOS 7. Thumbs down:

  8. 1. Apple iPad Air Thumbs up: Light and thin with a decent battery life. An improved front-facing camera for better Face Timing with Retina Display Thumbs down: $479.00 Lacking the touch ID finger Scanner that was introduced with the iPhone 5S. Still on the expensive side starting at $499 for 16 GB.

  9. 2. Apple iPad Mini (with retina display) Thumbs up: High-resolution display with a faster A7 processor. The iPad Mini has improved Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity with a better battery life. Thumbs down: $399.00 It doesn’t have a competitive price for the small-tablet market. It is also still lacking the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

  10. 3. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Thumbs up: Fast tablet that breezes through web sites. It is light weight for a larger tablet with a sharp screen. Overall, a simple UI. Thumbs down: $379.00 Ad free versions are still costing an extra $15. The 16GB of space fills up fast when storing HD movies and there is no storage expansion. The buttons on the back are sometimes hard to find.

  11. 4. Google Nexus 10 Thumbs up: The Nexus 10 has a sharp screen with a light and durable body. It has the fastest processor of any Android tablet. Thumbs down: The charger that comes with the tablet isn’t fast enough to charge it while playing a game. No storage expansion available. Oh, and few apps actually take advantage of using the entire screen. $399.00

  12. 5. Barnes & Noble Nook HD Thumbs up: Affordable at $149 with a sharp screen, good performance, and a micro SD slot. It’s comfortable to hold and lightweight. Implements magazines and catalogs better than any other tablet. $149.00 Thumbs down: It doesn’t have a camera, the screen shows fingerprints, and the operating system can feel sluggish.

  13. 1. Kindle Paperwhite(2013) Thumbs up: Faster processor compared to last year’s Paperwhite. It has a more responsive touch screen with a integrated brighter and whiter light. Page refreshed less often. $119.00 Thumbs down: The Paperwhite hasn’t gotten lighter or smaller. The AC adapter isn’t included and the ad-free version is $20 more.

  14. 2. Nook Simple Touch Thumbs up: The Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light has a high-contrast Pearl e-ink touch screen. Touch screen is responsive, additional memory option, and long battery life. No ads. $49.99 Thumbs down: The Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light still lacks audio support, 3G, and web browser. The rubberized back collects fingerprints.

  15. 3. Kobo Glo Thumbs up: A lightweight reader with Wi-Fi enabled, high-res e-ink display and a touch screen interface. Expansion slot for additional memory is present. Thumbs down: $143.75 The Kobo’s selection of e-books isn’t as great as Amazon’s and Barnes & Noble’s selection. Loading library loaners and third party books requires tethering to a pc.

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