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  1. How South Korea’s Coronavirus Outbreak Hong Kong (CNN)​​Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned the novel coronavirus that the country faces the worst public health crisis since its inception, as new outbreaks in South Korea and Italy continue to expand, leading to global The threat of epidemic has increased. Speaking on Sunday, Xi said, "the current epidemic situation is still serious and complex, and prevention and control work is at the most critical stage." Xi said the crisis was "the most difficult to contain and control in China" since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949. He said the outbreak was likely to have a "great impact" on the country's economy, but the effects of epidemic prevention and control were beginning to take effect​.

  2. Following Xi's address, China announced that it would delay the annual gathering of about 3,000 national legislators in Beijing, reducing the continued impact and severity of the outbreak, according to state media on Monday. The Standing Commission of the National People's Congress voted to delay the plenary session (NPC) of the country's rubber-stamp parliament, which was scheduled to begin on 5 March. No new date has been announced. As of Monday, there were at least 77,150 confirmed cases in mainland China, leading to a global total The death toll at 2,620 is over 79,000.   A total of 27 of those deaths have occurred outside mainland China, a major spike a week earlier when there were only five deaths outside China, and most of them involved people who had direct connections to the country. New outbreaks are also rising in South Korea, Iran, and Italy, with dozens of confirmed cases and many deaths. South Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Monday that 70 additional coronavirus cases had been confirmed, bringing the country's total to 833. South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said the country was having a "watershed moment" on Sunday, as he released the highest level of national funding and ordered new resources to deal with the outbreak, which is largely due to southern The city focuses on Daegu but has spread throughout the East Asian country, including the military. South Korea's defense ministry confirmed on Monday that an additional four soldiers had contracted the virus, bringing the total of military personnel to 11. There is a fear that the outbreak may spread quickly among soldiers living in close range, and possibly spread to the US military stationed in Korea. In South Korea, the death toll rises as new cases skyrocket to more than 800. South Korea reported 231 more cases of the virus on Monday, which causes the disease Kovid-19, causing a total of 833 cases and seven deaths in the country. President Moon Jae-in on Sunday put South Korea on the most probable warning in his fight against Coronavirus, a move that gives the government the authority to shut down cities and take other Comprehensive measures to prevent outbreaks. "The coming days will be an important time for us," he said.

  3. "The central government, local governments, health officials and medical personnel and the whole people must give a complete, concrete answer to the problem." Coronavirus outbreak What do you need to know Start here What is coronavirus? It is a virus named Taj-like spikes that spreads from its surface. Coronoviruses can infect both animals and people and can cause a variety of respiratory diseases ranging from the common cold to severe acute conditions such as severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS. How contagious is the virus? According to preliminary research, it is moderately contagious similar to SARS, and is possibly transmitted through the air. Scientists have estimated that each infected person can spread it anywhere between 1.5 and 3.5 people without effective prevention measures. Where has the virus spread? The virus originated in Wuhan, China, and has sickened thousands of people in China and at least two dozen other countries.

  4. How worried should I be? While the virus is a serious public health concern, the risk is extremely low for most people outside China, and seasonal flu is a more immediate threat. Who is working to stop the virus? World Health Organization officials have praised China's aggressive response to the virus by shutting down transportation, schools and markets. This week, a team of experts from WHO. Arrived in Beijing to provide assistance. What if I am traveling? The United States and Australia are temporarily denied entry to Nonsites who have recently traveled to China and many airlines have canceled flights. How do I protect myself and others? When you are sick, along with staying home, washing your hands frequently is the most important task. Several cases of South Korea's coronovirus are in the southeastern city of Daegu, which is essentially placed in a state of emergency, although people are still free to enter and leave the city. More than half of those confirmed to have been infected are either members of Jesus' Shinchonji Church, a secret religious sect with a strong presence in Daegu, or of their relatives or other contacts. Coronavirus: South Korea declares highest alert as infection increases

  5. What is happening in South Korea? Health officials revealed a further jump in the number of coronovirus cases near the southeastern city of Daegu, with a hospital and a group of infections involving a religious group. The sixth death was confirmed at Chengam's Denam Hospital, which treats mental health issues of the elderly and people. The hospital has seen more than 110 people infected, including nine medical staff. South Korea has confirmed the largest number after China. An outbreak on a Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan has also been observed in over 600 cases.

  6. "The Moon-19 incident faces a serious turn," President Moon said after a meeting with ministers and experts. "The next few days will be important. The government will raise the alert level to the highest level as per the recommendations of experts and greatly strengthen our response system." The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said that out of 169 new cases announced on Sunday in South Korea, 95 cases related to a Christian denomination in Daegu, called the Shinchonji Church of Jesus. The total number of church related cases is 329. In a video statement, a church spokesman expressed "deep regret" that many of its followers and citizens of South Korea had been infected. The spokesman said the church had advised about 250,000 members to minimize their external contact and to exercise caution.