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My Saturday

My Saturday. By Kimberly Valerio Pre-Algebra June 2, 2014. Introduction.

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My Saturday

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  1. My Saturday By Kimberly Valerio Pre-Algebra June 2, 2014

  2. Introduction • On Saturday I usually have 15 hours to do things. I get up at 8 AM and go to bed around midnight. Some activities I engage in other than meals, are Internet surfing, cleaning, shopping, exercising, and hanging out. A large part of my day goes to cleaning.

  3. Meals • I usually spend about 3/15 or 1/5 of my day on breakfast, lunch, and dinner (some snacks). • That’s 20% of my day!

  4. Surfing the Net • While I’m having my coffee on Saturday morning, I surf the web for 1 hour. • That’s 1/15 or 7% of my day. • Below are my web activities: • Facebook • Check email • Yahoo messaging

  5. House Cleaning • After coffee and net surfing, I start cleaning house. This lasts about 4 hours. • That’s 4/15 or 27% of my Saturday!

  6. Shopping • After I slave cleaning the house, I’m off to Wal-Mart to shop for groceries and other things we need. • That’s 3/15 (1/5) or 20% of my Saturday is shopping.

  7. Exercise • I try to get about an hour on Saturday working out. • I either do this by hiking, Total Gym, or pool • That’s 1/15 or 7% of my day goes to working out.

  8. Recreation • After exercise, I usually grill out then do something for fun. • I either go to the movies, play board games, karaoke, ride 4 wheelers for about 3 hours. • That’s 3/15 (1/5) or 20% of Saturday spent on recreation.

  9. Conclusion • As I thought about my Saturday, I realize I spend a lot of time cleaning and shopping for things my family needs. Almost 50% of my day is spent doing these things. I do try to enjoy my meals, exercise, and make time for recreation.

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