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“Topo centras” E-Marketing plan PowerPoint Presentation
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“Topo centras” E-Marketing plan

“Topo centras” E-Marketing plan

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“Topo centras” E-Marketing plan

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  1. “Topo centras” E-Marketing plan Presented by Gediminas Sumyla

  2. Company • “Topo centras” is the biggest domestic electric appliances and electronics trade network in Lithuania. Company sells domestic electric appliances, audio and video equipment, digital photography equipment and computer equipment. • “Topo centras” trade network consists of more than fifty huge stores in Lithuania and Latvia. “Topo centras” belongs to international corporation group “AG Group”, which is the leading retail and wholesale corporation in Baltic States.

  3. Selling brands • Corporation represents world-wide known brands such as „Beko“, „Gorenje“, „Vido“, "Blomberg", also imports famous brands such as „Sony“, „Panasonic“, „Philips“, „LG“, „Toshiba“ and „Samsung“ from all over the world.

  4. Website • “Topo centras” has one website where you can look for the prices of audio and video equipment, domestic electric appliances, computer equipment, digital photography equipment, and mobile phones equipment. It also tells a little bit about the company, includes store locator, and describes all special deals and services. • It also has career opportunity center, surveys, newsletters and latest news about the company.

  5. Initiative • This marketing plan is made to change company’s supply chain and include e-commerce feature for its website. Customers will be able to buy online and get their products delivered anywhere in a whole country. They will also be able to create their account and personalize it. Customers will have all the features that online selling can provide such as shopping cart, my account and track order. They will be able to search for desired product by category or by name. “Topo centras” customers will also enjoy the full product specifications and features, high resolution pictures from different corners and sides and other customers’ reviews and comments. • With every product that customers select they will have a choice of gifting options, payment options and payment plans and several shipping and delivery options.

  6. SWOT analysis • Strengths: • “Topo centras” is a trusted brand • Company is leading in the market in the whole country • Stores are located everywhere in the country • Company has funds to invest in e-commerce initiative • Over 11 years of experience and knowledge in the market • Company already has a product distribution system • Regular sales and discounts • Company known as the “cheapest price” company • Great customer service • Lithuania is a small country, that can be crossed in 3 hours

  7. SWOT analysis (cont’d) • Weaknesses: • Lack of expertise in e-commerce • Stores are located in bigger cities, so they are not reaching smaller towns • “Topo centras” is the first company to enter e-commerce in this market • Company has to change its supply chain • Lack of professionals in e-commerce market • E-Commerce is slowly being developed in Lithuania • Low internet penetration in smaller towns

  8. SWOT analysis (cont’d) • Opportunities: • Growing need for E-Commerce • Lack of competitors • Growing lifestyle trends for online shopping and product research in Lithuania • Technological development in major cities • New markets to share • Opportunity to be the first and conquer the market

  9. SWOT analysis (cont’d) • Threats: • First in the market • Lack of experience in selling online • Possibility of other companies stepping in the market • Price wars with competitors • Fear of not having the market demand • People are not used to buying online and are afraid to do so • Credit card and identity thefts • Possible hacker attacks on company’s database

  10. Strategic planning • 1. Demand analysis According to “Internet World Stats” Lithuania has 1,221,700 internet users which is about the 36% of total population and it’s rapidly growing. People have better access to the internet which creates different demands. • 2. Segment analysis Lithuania’s most internet users are young people form 15 to 35 years old. “Topo centras” will focus on the 3 major cities in Lithuania, which take a little less than half of the population of the country. Company will be focusing on young people, young families with higher income

  11. Strategic planning (cont’d) • 3. Supply analysis Because “Topo centras” will be the first company to enter the market, company will to focus on acquiring new customers and creating value for them. Lack of competition will result in fast growth of new customers. “Topo centras” will accentuate perfection in customer satisfaction in order to keep the customers. By building relationships with customers company will build the brand and grow trust in selling online.

  12. E-Marketing strategy • After purchase products will be packed by the nearest store that has them in-stock and shipped to customers’ addresses. Same day delivery will be available, because of geographic scope of the country. • “Topo centras” has established promotion channels, so implementing website advertisement will be cheap. • Company will be advertised in other websites through banners as well.

  13. Implementation • Inventory management systems software. • Purchase of new hardware to store data. • Website launch with e-commerce capabilities. • Training employees. • Hiring new system administrators if needed. • Purchase of new trucks. • Promotion channels implemented • Collecting, analyzing and managing the gathered data

  14. Conclusion • Being first in the market is challenging and it is important to understand what customers want and what they need. • “Topo centras” known as trusted brand that keeps the lowest prices. It offers great variety of products with large discounts which creates huge benefits for customers.