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Jasmine Massage and Bodywork

Jasmine Massage and Bodywork. A business plan for health & wellness of the human condition John Hinckley, LMT 99 Poorboy Ln. Ludlow MA Phone: 413-555-1212 Fax: 413-555-1212 Online: jasminemassage.com. Content. Owners Statement Executive Summary

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Jasmine Massage and Bodywork

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  1. Jasmine Massage and Bodywork A business plan for health & wellness of the human condition John Hinckley, LMT 99 Poorboy Ln. Ludlow MA Phone: 413-555-1212 Fax: 413-555-1212 Online: jasminemassage.com

  2. Content • Owners Statement • Executive Summary • Mission Statement • Purpose, Priorities and Goals • Marketing Plan • Financial Analysis • Operations • Modalities

  3. Owner’s statement • My name is John Smith owner and proprietor of Jasmine Massage and Bodywork. My therapy business resides within the physical rehabilitation offices of Healthwest at 99 Poorboy Ln. in Ludlow MA. I am a nationally certified LMT with 900 hours of education including 120 hours of internship. I believe in a healthy lifestyle and massage is one of the most simple ways to reach that goal, all you do is come in and lay down.

  4. Executive Summary • It is known within the therapy business that an injury to one part of the body affects the whole body. As the injury heals with the care of modern western medicine, the rest of the body is not always cared for in kind. Modern physical therapy is limited by the mostly “hands off” approach, advising clients to perform individual physical movements on their own to rehab specific parts of the body. I intend to offer the missing “hands on” aspect of healing. I will pick up where western medicine leaves off and through massage continue the client’s therapy. I believe massage therapy and its many modalities will profoundly affect healing of the client’s injury indirectly as well as addressing other issues such as guarding that the client may not be aware of.

  5. Mission statement • I have always loved to help people. In my 30 years as an auto mechanic I have been able to do that. My desire to lead a more holistic lifestyle has led me to massage where I can directly improve peoples lives. I believe we all deserve to live a healthier, more active and pain free life, massage can do that. I am committed to the values of compassion, integrity and excellent customer service.

  6. Purpose, Priority and Goals • I intend to provide continued care for physical therapy clients within the existing physical therapy office. The purpose of this business is to provide quality massage therapy that will enhance the clients healing. My priorities are 1) quality massage at an affordable price. 2) integrity, compassion and respect. 3) awareness of their injured condition. This will be a full time position open days in one office utilizing the existing physical therapy office staff. In time the business will grow to include other local physical therapy offices. Long term goal is to expand into my own private office to serve the region with a larger staff.

  7. Marketing Plan • As a client enters my office they are greeted by low light, the sound of running water, soothing music and comfortable surroundings. My target market is the existing clients of the physical therapy office which offers a unique marketing aspect to the business. I will promote referrals through local doctors offices, advertising in local news papers and magazines. Publicity and community relations will be utilized through promotion in local businesses and volunteering at fundraisers and public events. My clients are already clients of the physical therapy office looking to augment their healing or referrals from doctors and physical therapists. The marketing budget for this fiscal year is $400.00. Various personal care products that promote health and healing will be offered to clients at discounted rates. Actual marketing cost per client is $3.25. My business plan of marketing to existing clients within an established business is unique with advantages not available to other massage therapists. Offering a few different modalities offers me resistance to the detrimental aspects of other massage therapists office opening near mine. I believe this marketing strategy will work due to its unique niche clientele.

  8. Finances

  9. Financial Analysis • According to the U.S. government statistics, surveys of consumers and massage therapists, and recent clinical studies by the American Massage Therapy Association, learn about today's massage therapists below: • 83 percent are female • Are usually sole practitioners • 41 percent practice trigger point massage • 37 percent practice sports massage • 70 percent practice deep tissue massage • Are in their mid-40s, on average • Have worked in the massage industry on average for 7.8 years • Are members of a professional organization • Massage therapy profession is usually a second career • 78 percent provide Swedish massage • Earn approximately half of their income (49 percent) from practicing massage therapy • Provide massages for an average of 15 hours a week, excluding time spent on other business tasks such as billing, bookkeeping, supplies, maintaining equipment, marketing, scheduling, etc. (Learn about a typical day in the life of a massage therapist.) • Are likely to provide massage therapy in a number of settings, including their own place of practice, a client's home, a health care setting or an on-site workplace. (1)

  10. Financial Analysis • Employment change. Employment of massage therapists is expected to increase by 19 percent from 2008 to 2018, faster than the average for all occupations. Employment will grow as more people learn about the benefits of massage therapy. • Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2010. 31-9011 Massage TherapistsPercentile 10% 25% 50% 75% 90%Hourly Wage $8.64 $11.64 $16.78 $24.72 $33.17 Annual Wage $17,970 $24,220 $34,900 $51,410 $69,000 (2)

  11. Operational Procedures and Policies • Employees will be conservatively dressed and neat in appearance. • Employees will be clean and sober. • Employees will adhere to all state and federal safety laws and procedures. • Employees will maintain a high level of hygiene. • Employees will treat all clients with respect and compassion • All clients will be screened for suitable care and appropriate behavior. • Any employee not adhering to these procedures and policies will be terminated

  12. Modalities

  13. Massage & Bodywork • Relax • Rejuvenate • Restore

  14. Swedish Deep tissue Shiatsu Relaxation Chair

  15. Jasmine Massage And BodyworkJohn Hinckley LMT • Swedish: With the application of massage oil, the use of various strokes that warm up and work the muscles and connective tissue are used to release tension and adhesions to promote health and wellbeing. 1hr $50.00 • Deep Tissue:Used to address one or more specific areas that need deeper work to reach through layers of muscle and connective tissue to relieve trigger points and severe tension. It is not uncommon for those suffering from constant pain to have the pain replaced with a muscle ache for a few days, deep tissue Is real WORK. 1hr $60.00 • Shiatsu:Is the method of applying pressure to the same meridians used in acupressure to correct imbalances and promote and maintain health. It is also a method contributing to the treatment of specific diseases. 1hr $65.00 • Relaxation:Is designed to melt away the daily stress and help strengthen our natural immune system. 1hr $45.00 • Chair: Is done with the client fully clothed. It is convenient for clients that have difficulty getting on a table or have trouble laying flat on their back. 10 Minutes $10.00 thereafter $1.00 per Minute • My services are not affiliated with Healthwest. Payment must be to me upon completion of services

  16. Swedish Swedish massage is the most common type found in the west. It involves manipulation of superficial and deep muscles in addition to connective tissues to enhance function, aid the healing process and provide health and well being.

  17. Deep Tissue • Deep tissue is used to access severe muscle and connective tissue problems beneath the layers of superficial muscle. It is especially helpful for chronic pain and removing adhesions.

  18. Shiatsu • Shiatsu uses the same meridians used in acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It differs from other modalities in that the practitioners hands will stay in one place longer while applying pressure.

  19. Relaxation • Relaxation is designed to melt away the daily stress and proven to strengthen our natural immune system.

  20. Chair • Chair massage is performed with the client fully clothed. It is helpful to those with physical limitations such as clients that have difficulty getting on a table or have problems laying flat on their back.

  21. Bibliography • (1) naturalhealers.com • (2) bls.gov

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