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  1. Reclaim

  2. An alien race has attacked earth and driven humans underground, 2 years later they dropped nuclear bombs in attempt to wipe out the human race. Nate, Natalie and Michaels need to find the materials to make a missile that with a drug that has been recently made will destroy the alien race for good…

  3. Location and Characters Location: The Radio Drama is set on earth, in London Trafalgar which is now desolate and war struck. Underneath the city humans have used the tube system to fashion a vast underground city called Los Mortes and it is here that the story begins. The city harbours the worlds last 2 million people. The main Characters are Nate, Natalie and Michaels they have been living in Los Mortes since the first attack in 2098 and are all involved in the war office and battle plans

  4. Characters Nate: Nate is 30 years old, before the attack he lived and grew up in London, Had two children and a wife who died in the alien attack, he hides the pain of their loss very well. He is 6ft tall, short brown hair and a chiselled face, he is a very keen soldier and has previously served with the secret service, his hobbies are extreme sports, mainly climbing and base jumping, received his 2nd Dan black belt in karate when he was 19, now serves as a high ranking officer in the new Los Mortes City and plays a huge roll in Mission Reclaim also speaks fluent Spanish, Russian and Mandarin.

  5. Natalie: Natalie is 29 years old and was previously a Russian spy. Information on her is very limited and she doesn’t have lifelong friends or any family. She perfected her English accent when she was 15 and went to America to live undercover as a spec-ops agent for the white house, after 3 months she heard about the Gyreck mother-ship had been sighted through NASA’s deep space telescope, then learned about los Mortes, she travelled to England and arrived 2 days before the attack. Now she is Nate’s mission partner. That is all that has been documented about her.

  6. Michaels: Michaels is 36 years old and was living at a secret military base when the attack happened, he has no family, no close friends and is a very reserved man. He is 5ft 8’ tall, Stocky and has mid length wavy dirty blonde hair also has a bad history with anger issues. He is specially trained in bomb disposal and the army is all he has ever known, the discipline from the army has helped with his anger management lots. When he was 24 he received the Victoria Cross for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. He currently stands as a new world leader and is head of military operations for the attack on the Gyreck.

  7. Gyreck: The Gyreck are an alien race capable of living for hundreds of years, they average about 8ft tall and are a bionic mutant humanoid. With skin hard as steel they are tricky to kill. Their superior intelligence means that they specialise in strategy and advanced tactics this is useful as they can run up to 40mph. Their home planet of Acreon is situated about 50 million light-years away from earth in the Crius 12 Galaxy. The whole planet is highly radioactive as the Gyreck can only dwell and settle in radioactive locations. They are a swarming species and when threatened will kill anything.

  8. Storyline- Beginning The story begins after the Gyreck have attacked earth. They have been in control of earth for the past 14 months and have driven humans underground to live in a city called Los Mortes. Nate and Natalie have been given a task to look for materials that will help create a missile to launch at the Gyreck mother ship. This missile contains a drug called the GRD1 –Genetic Radioactive Defence 1. It is used to counteract the effects of radioactivity. The war office is planning to launch an attack on the Gyreck as soon as the materials have been acquired. They are about to embark on their mission when Michaels talks to Nate and asks to go with them, So all three of them get the GRD1 injection and head off into the desolate radioactive dust clouds that cover the place they once called home.

  9. Storyline- Middle Nate, Natalie and Michaels are expected to be traveling through the landscape for 3 days. They learn that the materials they need to help make the missile are in a military base near Derby. However it means getting past a Gyreck outpost ship which is 15 miles out from Los Mortes. After finding operational military transport in a ruined garage they are chased by Gyreck scouts. Further into the military base in Derby they find the materials needed plus a weapon that can kill a Gyreck soldier, The weapon is electronically powered and negatively charges radioactive particles. This shuts down the Gyrecks heart. They Begin their return to Los mortes

  10. Storyline- Ending Nate, Natalie and Michaels are on their way back when they are hit by a Gyreck gunship, injuring Natalie. They make it back to los Mortesand John has been heading the building for the missile. The new parts are being installed on the missile and the alarm is raised that the Gyreck are launching another attack. Its all out war, The humans have all been given the GRD1 and are fully combat ready. 10,000 Gyreck warriors hit Los Mortes and Nate, Natalie and Michaels along with a further 50,000 human soldiers go head to head in a battle. Mid way through the attack John sends word that the missile is ready. It is fired and hits the Mother-ship which is located 10,000 miles off the earth’s surface. The Gyreck ships all fall from the sky and the remaining Gyreck on the ground all go into hiding. 5 years later (subtitle) Humans have started to re-populate and Earth is being transformed through the use of further developed versions of the GRD1… End

  11. Reason For Choosing This Drama I like the idea of a sci-fi radio drama because they are always exciting and have a bigger opportunity for the listener to get a more defined mental picture and provide an ‘out of this world’ experience.

  12. Target Audience The TA for this production is male teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19, this is because the story is based around a war scene and the style of writing amplifies the action and storyline for younger minds. It could be seen as an action horror by some listeners and for this reason has been given the TA age range.

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