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IB English Language and Literature PowerPoint Presentation
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IB English Language and Literature

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IB English Language and Literature

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IB English Language and Literature

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  1. IB English Language and Literature Language and Knowledge Monday 9th – Friday 13th September

  2. To analyse the impact of language changes Objective

  3. Think of a situation where your understanding of a topic gave you a sense of superiority over somebody else. Do you think specific fields of knowledge have their own vocabulary? Discussion

  4. Legal language is conservative • Relies on legal statements that have been accepted by governing bodies and tested in court • May employ archaic language Legal language uses highly technical vocabulary • Specific legal terms facilitates communication within a particular group Legal language often has strategic aims • Used to further political, economic and social aims Legal language is inherently adversarial • Legal language attempts to solidify one particular side of an argument Language of law

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  6. Take a nursery rhyme like ‘Jack and Jill’ or ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and parody it by rewriting the account in legal language. • Tip: • Remember to consider the four key aspects of legal language that you copied down earlier Nursery rhyme attorney

  7. Sport offers us a physical and emotional way of knowing the world. Unlike law, literature or science, transferring the action of sport into language is not so straightforward. Language in sport

  8. Read through the article ‘How fast can she go?’ (p.94 – Allison) and answer the following questions • What does the discussion of a technical and planned approach to training suggest about the nature of sport? • Is there language in this article that appeals to the emotion in sport? • Would you argue that the focus of this article is the athlete, the competition or the training? How fast can she go?