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Jewelry Auction in Phoenix: How to Get the Most from Buying

Are you a regular attendee of AZ auctions or an owner or employee of an auction company? Check out this presentation from Auction Systems' President & CEO, Deb Weidenhamer on how to get the most from buying jewlery at auction. Also visit http://www.auctionANDappriase.com/ today.

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Jewelry Auction in Phoenix: How to Get the Most from Buying

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  1. Jewelry Auction in Phoenix: How to Get the Most from Buying Jewelry at AuctionBy Deb WeidenhamerPresident & CEO, Auction Systems

  2. Jewelry Auctions in Phoenix A jewelry auction in Phoenix creates a tremendous opportunity for buyers to get wonderful deals often at a fraction of retail value. Without auctions, many buyers would not be able to afford jewelry at regular retail prices. The notoriously high retail markups prohibit many buyers from purchasing jewelry at retail outlets. How can auctions offer such high-end products at amazingly low prices? New buyers often look at auctions skeptically and try to determine the seller’s angle.

  3. Jewelry Auctions in Phoenix So, What’s the Catch? There is none! One major reason a jewelry auction in Phoenix can offer such reduced pricing involves the delivery method. For example, a typical “bricks and mortar” retail store has huge overhead. Store space often comes with a hefty rental expense. Add in operating expenses, such as utilities, displays, insurance and store maintenance, and the cost of running a retail business escalates. Since these costs must be passed on to the buyer, the end product ends up costing much more. Without the ongoing costs of a physical retail location, a jewelry auction in Phoenix has no associated overhead to pass on to buyers. An auction item can be priced lower at the start of bidding. This price may rise based on the number of interested bidders. But establishing a maximum price you would be willing to pay ensures you get the best deal.

  4. Jewelry Auction in Phoenix Added Bonuses The number one reason for buying jewelry at auction is price. You just can’t find the deals at retails stores that you can find at a jewelry auction in Phoenix. These deals often deliver quality products for a fraction of the retail cost. Because of significantly reduced prices, auctions are changing the way buyers shop for jewelry. Another reason for vast price reductions involves the cyclical nature of the jewelry business. The holiday season brings in the biggest demand for jewelry items. Therefore, to prepare for these purchases, jewelry sellers often market items at discounts during the summer months. This cycle can mean even better deals at jewelry auctions.

  5. Jewelry Auction in Phoenix Added Bonuses By attending live or online auctions, buyers can keep track of jewelry deals. Rather than visiting multiple retail locations, buyers can attend an auction with a large offering of jewelry for sale. Regularity and ease contribute to the attractiveness of attending a jewelry auction in Phoenix. Reselling merchandise is another benefit of getting jewelry deals at auction. Markets always exist for jewelry items and resellers can earn hefty profits. Plus, auctions allow resellers to move their jewelry inventory more quickly and easily.

  6. A Note of Caution Purchasing jewelry at auction requires some careful evaluation. To get the best deal, it’s important to know something about jewelry quality and valuation. Doing business with an established auction service can’t be emphasized enough. Many reputable auctioneers exist with verifiable track records of serving buyers ethically. Look for the jewelry auction in Phoenix that’s been around for a long time and conducts business on a regular basis. These types of auction houses will accurately describe jewelry and highlight any gem imperfections.

  7. About the Author Deb Weidenhamer is President of Auctions Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in auctions and professional appraisals. Visit us at http://www.auctionandappraise.com or call 1-800-801-8880 for more information about our Arizona auction company.

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