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  1. Italy Public holidays in Italy

  2. Indice New Year’s Day Epiphany Saint Valentine’s Day Father’s Day Easter Liberation of Italy Labour Day Mother’s Day Italian Republic Day Mid August Day All Saint’s Day Immaculate Conception Christmas Day

  3. New year’s day • The New Year festival dates back to the Roman god Janus. • Today we celebrate this day with fireworks and a social drinking to the new year. Indice

  4. Epiphany • The Epiphany is a Christian holiday celebrated on January 6 (twelve days after Christmas). • The Epiphany is considered by the Catholic Church one of the greatest solemnity celebrated, along with Easter, Christmas, Pentecost and Ascension. It is a feast of obligation. • Indice

  5. Saint Valentine’s Day • Valentine was a Roman bishop, a martyr. • Venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and later by the Anglican Church is considered the patron saint of lovers and protector of epileptics. • The Valentine's Day occurs annually on February 14 and today is known and celebrated throughout the world from the couples in love. • This tradition was spread by the Benedictines, chief guardians of the basilica dedicated to Saint Valentine. • Indice

  6. Father's Day • Father’s day is a celebration spread throughout the world and in Italy is celebrated on March 19. • Father's Day, as we know it today, was born in the early decades of the twentieth century to complement Mother's Day to celebrate fatherhood and fathers in general. It is often accompanied by the delivery of a gift to your father. • Indice

  7. Easter • Easter is the principal feast of Christianity. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus according to the Scriptures, took place on the third day after his death on the cross. The date of Easter varies from year to year according to the lunar cycles, also determines the rate of other celebrations and liturgical seasons, such as Lent and Pentecost. • Easter is not celebrated on a fixed date. • Indice

  8. Liberation of Italy • The Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy is celebrated in Italy on April 25 of each year. • It is a momentous day for the history of Italy, a symbol of the end of the second world war in the country, the occupation by Nazi Germany, which began in 1943, and the Fascist. • Conventionally, this date was chosen because April 25, 1945 was the day of the liberation of Milan and Turin. • Indice

  9. Labour Day • The Labour Day or Labor Day is celebrated on 1 May of each year in many countries around the world to remember the commitment and achievements of the union movement by workers in the economic and social development. • The festival recalls the battles workers, particularly those aimed at the conquest of a right mind: the daily working time set in eight hours • This festival is celebrated with a day off for workers. • Indice

  10. Mother’s Day • Mother's Day is a celebration spread throughout the civilized world, celebrated in honor of the mother figure, maternity and social influence of mothers. There is no single day of the year can bring together all the states in which the event is celebrated. In the United States of America, Italy, Switzerland and many other countries, is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In Italy it was introduced in the fifties by Raul Zaccari, senator and mayor of Bordighera, on the initiative of which was celebrated in Bordighera on the second Sunday of May 1956. Indice

  11. Italian Republic Day • The Italian Republic Day is celebrated on June 2 to commemorate the birth of the Republic. • On 2 and 3 June 1946 was held, the institutional referendum by which Italians were called to the polls to express their views on what form of government, monarchy or republic, give the country, following the fall of Fascism. • From that day Italy became a republic. • Indice

  12. Mid-August • Mid-August is a public holiday that falls on August 15 to coincide with the celebration of the Assumption of Mary.The term derives from the Latin phrase feriae Augusti (rest of Augustus) indicating a feast instituted by the emperor Augustus and was intended to provide an adequate period of rest. • Indice

  13. All Saints' Day • On the day of All Saints, also known as All Saints' Day is a Christian holiday that celebrates the glory and honor of all the saints. • We celebrated it with a day off from school or work. And it is often said a Mass followed by a procession in cemeteries. • Indice

  14. Immaculate Conception • The Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on December 8. • Indice

  15. Christmas Day • Christmas is the Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus and falls on January 25. • This is the festival more popularly felt among Christians and in recent years has taken on a secular meaning, linked to the exchange of gifts, the family and the figures of folklore as Santa Claus. • Indice