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Evaluation Summaries:

Evaluation Summaries:

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Evaluation Summaries:

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  1. Evaluation Summaries: A little bit of this and that PIRE

  2. The this and the that • Progress on FAS Revisions • Feedback on revised SFS • SPF SIG community Survey • CLI • All pre-test data is in – thanks and great job!

  3. Family Assessment Scale Revisions • Thanks to those who have worked so hard on this! • Module format similar to the SFS • Modules include a core module everyone will use and targeted modules each program can select from as appropriate for the population served • 6 modules at this point

  4. Modules • Module A: Core (83 Q) • Module B: Parent Child Interaction (27 Q) • Module C: Family Interaction (12 Q) • Module D: Coping with Stress (18 Q) • Module E: Prenatal (24 Q) • Module F: Teen Parents (27 Q)

  5. Some of the changes • Removed a lot of the demographic questions • Removed measures of illicit substance use • Added measures prescription drug use • Added in some additional measures from other validated instruments. • As much as possible tried to keep responses on a 4 pt scale (0-3) • Added a “Not Applicable” response for some questions.

  6. Next Steps • Pilot test the various modules and conduct focus groups (Feb 2009) • We’ll be asking for your assistance in doing that. • Revise as needed (March 2009) • Write the administration protocol • Provide training on the revised instrument (May-June 2009) • Provide to programs & post on PIMS (for July 1)

  7. Experiences with the new SFS • Any problems experienced with the new SFS? • Any kudos? • Syntax and reporting forms will be sent out soon. • Change: No reporting of Partial-Eta Squares this time but programs with comparison data will report r-squares from regression analyses.

  8. Community Survey Recruitment • A Script for talking with potential respondents is provided to you in English and Spanish • Please go over the script with your recruiters • Please emphasize that the description of the “consent page” is important to cover when talking with respondents.

  9. Sampling: Who to ask • If at a location where not everyone can be surveyed (e.g, Walmart) recruit the first person to complete the survey. Once that person has completed the survey, put it in the box, and received their incentive, count 5 people and approach the 6th person who enters the location. This strategy should be more random than what we previously suggested.

  10. SITE ID Clarification • Respondents can enter up to 6 digits on the internet survey. • The first 3 should be site ID assigned to you by PIRE (printed on the recruitment cards) • Any additional numbers will reflect specific locations where you recruited • Examples: 50501 (Walmart), 50502 (basketball games); 50503 (Smiths) etc. • You DO NOT have to have additional #’s

  11. Community Survey Documents • All documents are posted on the PIMS site in case you lose anything. • Any last minute issues? Insights for others?

  12. CLI (SPF SIG programs only) • Emails about the CLI should be going out to the persons designated as responsible for completing the CLI - should be going out today. • In it, should be your login information and password. • Please let Martha know if you do not receive an invitation by the end of the week.

  13. Tips and Strategies for the CLI • Start Part I early, as the list must first be approved before proceeding to Pt. II • Try not to change the type of any intervention if at all possible. • Do not change CLI reporters if you can help it. • Do calculations consistently from report to report. • Fill in hard copy first, then enter data. • Print a hard copy for every intervention in Part II

  14. CLI strategies. • Study the tip sheet from Maya-tech • Use Google Group to share insights with others - any feedback now? • Contact Shelly Kowalczykfrom Mayatech with any issues and please cc Liz or Martha so we can provide any necessary support. Liz Lilliott Martha Waller