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  1. Silk By Justine

  2. Who Invented Silk, and How? The wife of the “Yellow Emperor”, Hsi-Ling-Shih, was credited for making silk (even though the story is thought to be a legend). The legend says that Hsi-Ling-Shih was sitting under a mulberry tree when a silk worm larve fell into her tea and silk threads uncoiled. Note: Some other spellings of Hsi- Ling-Shih are Xi-Lung-Shi and Si-Ling-Chi. Different websites said different things, so I chose the on I saw the most.

  3. Why Was Silk Made? Silk wasn’t made on purpose, and when it was made the inventor wasn’t even trying to invent it.Even if it was an accident, silk became very popular yet expensive. At one point only royalty could wear silk.

  4. WhenWas Silk Made? No one knows exactly when silk was invented, but it was sometime in the 27th century BC. It was during the Shang Dynasty.

  5. Where was Silk invented? Silk was invented in China (obviously).To be exact it was under a mulberry tree that it was discovered.

  6. How They Used Silk and How We UseSilk Them: The Chinese used silk as an expensive cloth for royalty only. Silk was used for clothing. Us: We use silk for clothing, furniture, pajamas, curtains, lampshades, and more. Silk is still expensive, but it’s not just for royalty.

  7. How the Ancient Chinese Made Silk The Ancient Chinese pretty much made silk the same way we did. They raised caterpillars called silk worms. These caterpillars made cocoons to turn into moths. Before that could happen, the silk worm would be put in boiling water, causing it to die and the silk to unravel. The silk is actually the cocoon that encases the caterpillar. Because the silk fibers are so thin, they need to be woven together with other fibers to make one thread. This thread is woven with many others to form silk fabric, so a lot of silk worms are necessary. While many worms are used for their silk, some are used to reproduce and make more caterpillars.